Efforts to secure financial soundness (ratio of judgment on soundness and ratio of fund shortage etc.)

Update: September 8, Heisei 29
Information on securing the soundness of Niseko-machi financials is posted. We will inform you about the soundness judgment ratio etc which was obliged to be announced from the settlement of fiscal year 2007 by the "law concerning the soundness of local public entity's fiscal condition".
The status of efforts to secure financial soundness can also be seen in the publication data published in the budget explanation "work you want to know more."

Outline of soundness determination ratio / fund shortage ratio

Analysis of financial situation (fiscal comparative analysis table)

An expenditure comparative analysis table has been added from FY 2006 settlement of accounts. In this table, we are conducting a more detailed analysis on the current account balance ratio, personnel expenses, public debt costs, etc.
Note: All the prefectures and cities, towns, villages, and towns and villages in Japan have created the above analysis table with the same format and standard. Please see the analysis table of municipalities other than the prefecture or Niseko town from the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (if you click "Financial Comparative Analysis Table" at the bottom of the page, it will be posted for each fiscal year).

Uniform standard financial statements

Analysis of fiscal situation of public enterprises (Comparative analysis table)

We use various financial indicators to compare with national similar group average.

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Heisei 28

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Heisei 20

Activities such as drastic reform of local public enterprises

Regarding the public enterprises in Niseko Town (Simple Water Supply, Public Sewerage, Agricultural Village Drainage Project), the following efforts are in place.

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