About architecture in Niseko Town

Niseko Town is surrounded by mountains such as Mt. Yotei and Niseko Annupuri, and the clear stream of the Shiribetsu River flows through the center of the town. There are people who live and love the good scenery that can be said to be the property of this area.
On the other hand, because of the vast land, there are many districts where the infrastructure is not well developed, and it is one of the leading heavy snowfall areas, and often it is exposed to the natural violence through the four seasons. In addition, there are scenes which are destroyed by buildings etc being built.
In Niseko Town, where nature and people are attractive, there are various rules (Building Standards Law, Niseko Town Quasi-City Planning, Niseko Town Landscape, etc.) to actively conserve the beautiful and magnificent natural environment and landscape that people love. Ordinances).
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