Niseko Town planning

The area has developed as a resort of the Niseko mountain range, and construction of hotels, pensions, villas, etc. has been proceeded, but in recent years it has gained worldwide attention as a good resort area and it was performing well Land transactions with the background of foreign economies are actively carried out, and many plans are being planned for hotels and condominium type apartment houses.

In order for Niseko Town to further develop as an international resort, it is important to actively conserve the natural environment and landscape that are not found in other areas. It is thought that it leads to revitalization of town including promotion of promotion and employment.

Therefore, Niseko Town has been working toward the introduction of a quasi-city plan, and the Niseko Town quasi-city plan was introduced on March 6, 2009.

Niseko Town City Planning Council


Outline of Niseko Town Sub-City Planning (Hokkaido Notification No.158 on March 6, 2009)

About quasi-urban planning

We set rules such as the size of buildings occupying the site and the width of the roads decided when building buildings, etc, to set out the excellent natural environment and landscape conservation, living environment by orderly land use We aim to secure safety and security.
In addition, by designating the quasi-city planning area, we can further decide the rule about the height limit, color and type of building.

Niseko Town Quasi-City Planning

Niseko Town, the contents of the designated area, building coverage, floor area ratio, etc. will be examined by the Quasi-City Planning Committee based on the opinions received through briefings and telephone calls, and the results of questionnaire surveys, in order to introduce quasi-city planning. I have been. They were discussed at the Niseko Town City Planning Council held on October 10, 2008, and the results were proposed to Hokkaido as a Niseko Town plan.
In Hokkaido, the coordination with related organizations and the Niseko Town Plan excluding the protection forest area etc. were considered as the Hokkaido Plan and discussed and decided by the Hokkaido City Planning Council held on February 5, 2009 .
As a result, the following rules were applied to the construction of buildings and the use of land in Niseko Town Niseko, Soga, and Higashiyama in some areas.

1 Buildings that require building confirmation applications

 建築確認申請が必要な建築物に、「100平米を超える特殊建築物」「3階以上の木造建築物」「2階以上 の木造以外の建築物」の他に、これまで建築確認申請が必要なかったこれら以外の建築物も対象となります。 注:増改築、大規模修繕、模様替え、建物の用途変更などでも、建築確認申請が必要となる場合があります。

2 Building coverage

Building coverage less than 50%

3 Volume rate

Volume ratio is 200% or less

4 Road diagonal slope

Road diagonal slope within 1.25

5 Neighborhood diagonal slope

Neighborhood diagonal slope within 1.25

6 Contact obligation

Contact obligation (When building a building, it must be in contact with a road of a fixed width).

7 Development act

A permit application is required for development activities of 3,000 square meters or more.

Niseko Quasi-city Plan Outline of Specific-use Restricted Areas

What is a specific-use limited area

For specific-use restricted areas, municipalities can decide within the quasi-city planning area within the area specified for the purpose of restricting buildings that are not suitable for living environment in order to create or maintain a good living environment.
As buildings that are not suitable for living environments, for example, there are plans to manufacture dangerous goods, buildings to be stored and processed, play facilities such as pachinko parlors and game centers.

About specific use restricted area in Niseko Town

Niseko Town, taking into account future land use trends in the quasi-city planning area, with the aim of actively conserving good natural and rural environments, On May 18, 2009, we decided on a city plan for a restricted-use area in order to regulate and guide buildings that might interfere.

Regarding rules etc. enforced from July 1, 2009

Outline of Niseko Quasi-city Planning Landscape District

What is a landscape district?

Landscape districts can be defined in areas with good landscapes and areas where we plan to make good landscapes in the future, and municipalities can decide in the quasi-city planning area. The restrictions are as follows.
  • The shape of the building, the limit of the height, the color of the wall and the roof, the color when building the building, the distance to separate from the next land when building the building, the minimum site area when residential land
  • Shape of workpiece such as signboard, maximum height limit, color, installation position
  • Regarding the development of land of 3,000 square meters or more, to secure a certain area for green spaces and vacant land areas, etc.

About landscape district in Niseko Town

Niseko Town, taking into account future land use trends in the sub-city planning area, Niseko Town will regulate the natural environment, good landscape, and buildings that may impede the rural environment, -May 2009, with the aim of preserving and forming a good Niseko Town landscape by guiding high-quality buildings that contribute to the formation of the Honmachi landscape as a land, and passing it on to future generations. We decided city planning of scenery district on the 18th.

Regarding rules etc. enforced from July 1, 2009

Procedure for notification / application

From July 1, 2009, notification and application are required when conducting development activities such as construction of buildings, installation of works etc. within the quasi-city planning area (landscape district).
For certification (permission) application, please see the following page.
Please refer to the following for the flow of procedure of notification and application.

Niseko Town Landscape Ordinance

Niseko Town has enforced the "Niseko Town Landscape Ordinance" since October 2004.
From July 1, 2009, the Niseko Town Landscape Ordinance and Enforcement Rules have been partially revised.
As a result, when conducting `` development projects '' (buildings and structures exceeding 10 m in height, designated business establishments and land development exceeding 3,000 m2) in the quasi-city planning area (landscape district), before each application, Niseko Town will require prior consultation with length.
For more information about the Niseko Town Landscape Ordinance, please see the page below.

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