About building confirmation application

What is architectural confirmation application

When we build building or public establishment, confirmation application by Building Standard Act is necessary. The Building Standards Law stipulates standards for ensuring the safety and health of buildings and standards for ensuring the safety and environment of urban areas. Niseko Town, confirmation applications are required for sub-city planning areas and urban areas. In other areas, please note that a confirmation application is required depending on the building.

Area map

Section 6, paragraph 1, item 4 of the Building Standard Law and Section 22 Area

Niseko Town center in the (di Fujimi, part of the character Arishima, part of the character Motomachi, character Hondori, shaped center) has been specified in the.

Quasi-city planning area, landscape district, specific-use restricted area

Niseko Town Niseko Annupuri Moiwa mountain piedmont district (part of the character Niseko, part of the character Soga, shaped part of the Higashiyama) in are specified in.
For restrictions and regulations, please see the Quasi-City Planning page.

Buildings / workpieces / other facilities that require confirmation applications

Buildings that require confirmation applications

Item 6, Item 1, Item 6Types of BuildingsConstruction typeConstruction site requiring application for confirmation
1号特殊建築物(注1)で床面積の合計が 200平米を超えるもの· Building (Note 2) · Large scale repair · Large scale reworkNiseko Town
No. 2Wooden
(1) Those with 3 or more floors
(2) Total area exceeding 500 square meters
(3) Height of 13 m, eaves height exceeding 9 m
No. 3Other than wooden
(1) Those with a floor number of 2 or more
(2) Total area exceeding 200 square meters
4号Items other than No. 1 to 3 above建築(注2)Article 6, Paragraph 1, Item 4 of the Law within the Quasi-City Planning Area
Note 1 One to be used for the purposes listed in Appended Table 1 (i) of the Building Standards Act.
(Eg hospital, apartment house, restaurant, retail store, warehouse, car garage etc.)
Note 2 New building, extension, remodeling, relocation of buildings.
Note 3 Application for confirmation is unnecessary for expansion, renovation and relocation within 10 square meters of floor area.
Note 4 Prefabricated units and unit houses are sometimes treated as buildings.
Note 5 When the number of No. 1 to No. 3 is increased by extension, it will be treated as building No. 1 to No. 3.

Even in the case of buildings that do not require a confirmation application, it is necessary to submit a building construction notification.
For details, please see the following page.

General work items requiring application for confirmation

  • Excluding driving safety facilities in railway and orbit
Type of workpieceheightConstruction site requiring application for confirmation
1Chimneys (Supports · Including branch lines, Stoves chimney)H> 6 mNiseko Town
2RC pillar, steel pillar, wooden pillar, and other similar items (except for flags, overhead power lines, for security communication equipment)H> 15 m
3Advertising tower, billboard, decorative tower, monument tower, and other similar itemsH> 4 m
4Elevated aquarium, silo, observation tower, other similar thingsH> 8 m
5Retaining wallH> 2 m

Other items requiring application for confirmation

  • Elevators installed in buildings Article 6, paragraphs 1 to 3 of the Act
* Elevators installed in Building No. 4 will be applied with the building as a joint application.
  • Elevator for sightseeing, amusement facility
  • Designated facility such as manufacturing facility
  • Usage change to special buildings under Article 6, paragraph 1 item 1 of the Law

Documents and drawings required for confirmation application

DocumentoriginalduplicateFor firefightingSuitable (Note 1)
Confirmation application form○(注1)
Architectural plan summary   
Notice of construction work   
Confirmation application fee  ○(注1)
Power of attorney (in case of proxy application)○(注1)
Copy of architect's license (Note 2) ○(注1)
Copy of first-class architect's certificate of structural design (Note 3) ○(注1)
Nearby sketch map○(注1)
layout drawing○(注1)
Floor plan on each floor○(注1)
Elevation view (2 or more faces)○(注1)
Sectional view (2 or more faces)○(注1)
Floor area quotient chart○(注1)
Ground surface calculation table○(注1)
Shaft assembly (2 or more) (Note 4)○(注1)
Foundation map, floor floor plans, cabin floor plans, structural detail drawing (Note 4)○(注1)
Structural material list used○(注1)
Indoor finishing table○(注1)
Hygienic measures against scattering of chemical substances Checklist ○(注1)
Machine ventilation facility table for each room (Note 5)○(注1)
Electrical equipment diagram, machine equipment drawing (Note 4)○(注1)
Septic tank installation notification (Note 6)Part of the specified administrative agency, municipalities, installers 3 (Note 1)
Statement statement etc. (Note 7)○(注1)○(注1) ○(注1)
Copies of certificate and certificate (Note 8) (Note 9)○(注1)○(注1) ○(注1)
Notification form under the town planning ordinance of Hokkaido welfare○(注1)○(注1)  
A barrier-free checklist○(注1)○(注1)  
A copy of the permit based on the Building Standards Law Regulation○(注1)○(注1)  
A copy of the certificate etc based on the landscape law○(注1)○(注1)  
Confirmed certificate of existing building, copy of inspection certificate, existing building record and duplicate etc.Only in applicable cases such as extension and renovation
Note 1 Only when applicable
Note 2 Only in the case where the designer or construction supervisor is an architect and the building supervisor etc. seeks submission
Note 3 When receiving application of Article 20 of 2 of the Building Engineer Act
Note 4 No need for buildings falling under Article 6, paragraph 1, item 4 of the Act and Article 6-3 of the Act (Special Provisions for Confirmation)
Note 5 Buildings that fall under Article 6-3 of the Act (Special Provisions for Confirmation) are unnecessary
Note 6 Disposition diagram of urine purification tank, piping diagram to discharge destination, type certificate, floor plan of each floor, floor area table, structure diagram, processing process chart, other necessary documents attached
Note 7 In the case where the building has been verified its safety by structural calculations by an architect, a certificate stating that the building's safety was confirmed by structural calculation
(Note 8) The certificate of the building with the structure that the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism deems safe in advance or the part concerning it (Article 1, item 3, paragraph 1 item 1, b (1) (2))
Certification type certificate (book showing the use of certified model) (Regulation Article 1, 3, 5, item 1)
Note 9 Certificate concerning certified type members etc. (Article 1, 3, 5, 3, Rule)

Confirmation application fee

The confirmation application fee will be paid at the Hokkaido income stamp. Please paste it on the incoming certificate paper and submit it with a seal. For the fee please check the homepage of Hokkaido Building Instruction Division.

Appointment notification of construction supervisor

If construction supervisor or construction contractor decides after construction confirmation application, please submit notification of selection of construction supervisor etc before construction starts.

About submission of architectural confirmation application form

There are various regulations when planning buildings, etc., so please consult us in advance. The reception desk for confirmation applications is the Niseko Town Office, but the screening will be done by the Shimo General Promotion Bureau (Hokkaido). There is a certain screening period, so please plan with plenty of time for construction.

About change before and after delivery of confirmed certificate

When the building confirmation application form is submitted, a review will be carried out to deliver the confirmed certificate. Procedures are required for each change under review or after confirmation certificate issuance.
 ChangesType of Notification Type of Notification
Before delivery of confirmed certificate (under review)When withdrawing applicationWithdrawal notification (Note 1)
After confirmation certificate deliveryWhen the building owner changesName change notification (Note 2)
When the construction supervisor, the construction contractor, etc. are changedAny style
For minor changesAny style
Other plan changesPlan change confirmation application (note 3)
Canceling the planCancellation notification (Note 4)

About completion inspection and intermediate inspection

All buildings to which the building confirmation application form has been submitted and the confirmation certificate has been issued must submit a completion inspection application form prescribed by the Building Standards Law within 4 days after completion of construction. By completing the inspection after submitting the application, if it complies with the Building Standards Law and relevant provisions, an inspection certificate will be issued to the building owner and the building will be available for use.
Also, in some cases, there are some buildings that have to undergo intermediate inspection, so please inquire whether it is the target building.

About the case of losing the confirmed certificate etc.

We can not reissue confirmed certificates, intermediate examination passed certificates, inspection certificates etc concerning building confirmation applications. When lost etc., Hokkaido Building Instruction Division gives verification certificate etc. issuance certificate. In addition, a certificate application certificate and a commission are required to issue the certificate.
For details, please check the homepage of Hokkaido Building Instruction Division.

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