About the case where building confirmation application is unnecessary (submission of building construction notification)

About submission of building construction notification

In the case of building the building of Article 6, paragraph 1, item 4 of the Building Standard Law (outside the quasi-city planning area and outside the partly designated area) (when the floor area exceeds 10 m 2), when submitting the building construction notification, construction You can start with.
  • Please submit building construction notification one week before the start of construction as a guide.

Documents and drawings required for submission of building construction notification

Notice of construction work
Nearby sketch map
layout drawing
Floor plan on each floor
Elevation view (2 or more faces)
Cross-sectional view or finishing table (Things that can be checked for various finishes)

About acceptance of building construction notification

Documents that prove that you built it will not be issued when building a building by submitting a building construction notification. As an alternative document, we have given you a copy imprinted the reception stamp at the time of acceptance of the building construction notification, so please keep it carefully so as not to lose it.

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