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Perspective on Personal Information Protection in Niseko Town

Although the extension of informationization now brings convenience and affluence to the lives of townspeople, along with the improvement of the privacy awareness of the townspeople, the contents of the privacy are also "right not to be known to others" "alone From the right to be kept "from the right to control self-information", more aggressive formation of freely personality and view of life is appropriate for maintaining individual dignity It began to be recognized again.

Under such circumstances, if the executing agency dealt with inappropriate handling of personal information, it will also prevent you from teaching various freedom guaranteed by the constitution, so in defending these fundamental human rights However, the protection of personal information has important significance.
Based on this idea, we established the "Niseko town personal information protection ordinance" on September 25, 1998 and has been enforced on April 1, 1999.

What is personal information

"Personal information" as stipulated in the Ordinance refers to what "obviously" a particular individual can be identified "by name, birth date, address, etc.
Also, even though it can not be specified with each piece of information, even when it is possible to identify a specific individual by combining some of these pieces of information, such information corresponds to "personal information".

Purpose of using personal information

When the executing agency intends to start the affairs handling personal information (referred to as "personal information handling affairs"), it is supposed to submit "notice of handling personal information handling work" to the mayor beforehand. For this notification, the purpose of the administrative affairs collecting personal information, the scope of the target person, the collection method, what information is collected, etc. are filled in.

Restriction on the provision and use of personal information

We do not use collected personal information for purposes other than purpose of use or provide such information to third parties.
However, in any of the following cases, use outside purpose may be performed.
  • When there is consent of the principal
  • Based on the provisions of laws and regulations
  • When it is deemed urgent and unavoidable for the protection of individual's life, health, life or property
  • When using the same executing agency or providing it to another executing agency, it is necessary and indispensable for the utilization or provision of personal information for the execution of affairs under the jurisdiction of the executing agency, When it is deemed that there is no risk of unjustly infringing the rights or interests of the principal or third party by use or offer
  • When the executing agency considers it necessary for public interest. (In this case, it is necessary to listen to the opinion of the personal information protection review board in advance)

Proper management of personal information

Based on the Niseko Town Information Security Basic Regulations, the information management officer strictly controls personal information collected and takes appropriate measures to prevent leakage, misappropriation, tampering, etc.

Executing agency

Town mayor who handles personal information, the board of education, the election management committee, the audit committee, the agricultural committee, the fixed asset evaluation review committee, the Niseko town council.

Personal information protection review board

As an adjunct to the town mayor, we have established a personal information protection review board to deliberate deliberations on matters relating to personal information protection systems and deliberations on subjects that have appealed.
There are five members, including lawyers, academic experts, administrative counselors, and others.

Personal information handling office list

In accordance with Article 6 of the Niseko Town Personal Information Protection Ordinance, each headquarters submits the administrative work (personal information handling affairs) handling the personal information of the townspeople to the town mayor, and promptly notifies the contents of the notification for general public inspection It is stipulated that.
For details on the registration of personal information handling office, please see the following CSV file.

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