Construction design condition

About contact obligation

When constructing a building in a quasi-city planning area, obligation to contact will occur. As a result, buildings can not be built unless the planned site is in contact with the "Building Standard Law Road". In addition, if it is outside the quasi-city planning area, buildings can be built even if the planned site is not in touch with the building, but from the road the owner of all the land between the premises will accept consent There are things you may get.

Loading load, snow amount

Snow load30 N / square meter (per 1 cm of snow cover)
Vertical snow cover230cm



Wind pressure

Reference wind speed (V 0)34 m / s

Surface ancestor classification

Surface ancestor classificationZb(m)ZG(m)α
Building height H H ≤ 13 m → (3), H> 13 m → (2)

Earthquake area coefficient

Coefficient (Z)0.9

About snow countermeasures etc.

Niseko Town is a heavy snowfall area where the annual snowfall exceeds 10 m and the deepest snow can reach 2 m. In addition, the lowest temperature can be below 20 degrees below freezing. However, this climate and snow are the source of high-quality powder snow as an international ski resort and an important resource supporting Niseko's industry. When constructing a building, please make a plan that matches well with the snow, such as the roof shape and the snow-covered space, and also take measures to avoid problems with falling snow and removing snow with the neighborhood.

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