Niseko Rules

1. Do not enter anywhere in the no-entry area, for any reason

2. Do not go through the rope. Exiting the gate out of the ski area

3. Safety management outside the ski resort is not conducted

4. Do not leave the ski slope when the gate is closed

5. Niseko avalanche information is official information of Niseko rule

6. Search and rescue outside the ski resort is charged for expenses

7. Follow the instructions of the ski resort patrol

8. Only primary school students are prohibited from skiing outside the skiing ground. However, excluding when accompanying leaders and guardians such as activities of juvenile groups

9. The ski resort and area respect the freedom of users and have a serious interest in their safety
In the January 2018 Public Relations Journal (from page 5), we contributed "Niseko rule and avalanche problem arrangement" as a contribution to Mr. Akio Nitani of Niseko avalanche survey office, and we have created a special feature. If you read this, you are explained so that you can understand well "why the Niseko rule was created?" "Why are rules necessary?"


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