Web accessibility policy

Niseko Town, the basic policy is to create pages that are easy to access and easy to use, regardless of the level of proficiency in the use of the Internet, whether or not there is a disability, and the age of use, and that are easy to use. And strive to improve.

What is web accessibility?

Web accessibility means that everyone including the elderly and disabled people can use the information and functions provided on the website etc. without problems.

Compliance policy

Niseko Town homepage is based on JIS X 8341-3: 2016 and aims to comply with grade AA.
For the purpose of improving web accessibility, we also keep in mind text-oriented information by paying attention to smartphone display and automatic translation function for foreign languages.

This notation method is based on the notation prescribed in the web accessibility infrastructure committee of the Information Communication Access Council "Web Content JIS X 8341-3: 2016 Notation Convention Guideline March 2016".

We use cookies

To improve accessibility, Niseko Town website uses cookies. Users can refuse to receive cookies or delete cookies once received by operating the browser settings themselves. (Please contact the software manufacturer for the browser setting method.)
A cookie is a mechanism that temporarily writes and saves information in the site visitor's computer, and with this, the login state is kept when you leave the page you once logged in and visit the page again .

I use Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to collect information on access to the Niseko Town homepage.
Niseko Town homepage uses cookies provided by Google to collect user information, but does not collect information that identifies individuals.
We also use it only for analyzing site usage and generating reports to publishers.
* It is not possible to identify individuals or leak personal information using Google AnalyticsThere is none
By using the Niseko Town homepage, the user is deemed to have given permission for such data processing performed by Google for the method and purpose described above.

The data collected by using Google Analytics is governed by Google's privacy policy.
Please check the Google Analytics Terms of Service and Privacy Policy on the Google Analytics homepage.


About multilingual correspondence

Niseko Town, all pages are available in English, Chinese (simplified and traditional), and Korean using the service of "WOVN.io" (provided by Minimal Technologies Inc.).
With the introduction of this service, it became easier for foreign town residents and tourists to disseminate the information of the town, and it became possible to search on overseas sites (including China) that could not be handled by Google Translate.


Niseko Town Official Web Site (Page starting from https://www.town.niseko.lg.jp/)

Not covered

  • Non-HTML web pages
  • Externally provided services
  • Document files such as PDF, Excel, Word
  • Web pages containing Google Maps and video content

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