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To everyone in the whole country, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for having visited us many visits. In Niseko town, we accept visits from time to time. If you wish, please confirm the explanation content, please apply.

In accepting the visit

Please understand the following before you receive visits concerning town development and sightseeing.

When the schedule of inspections overlap, we may ask you with explanations with other groups.

There are times when there are very many requests for visits. Therefore, there may be cases where the date of visit overlaps with multiple organizations, and we are cooperating with the joint inspection at that time.

Please contact us for the date of the visit reception to the Public Information Public Hearing Section.

We are planning to respond to your request as much as possible, but we basically plan to build Tuesday and Thursday to organize the system for acceptance of visits, and we accept it as the day of sightseeing visit concerning sightseeing. Those who wish to inspect other than this day, please consult us. Regarding visits concerning town planning, we are coordinating the visit acceptance with the public relations public hearing staff, so please consult in advance.
If you are interested in visiting training on other subjects, please consult with your staff separately.

Accommodation in Niseko town.

We think that it is best to actually stay at Niseko in order to know the actual fact of town planning. When you wish to visit Niseko Town, please understand that we will stay in Niseko town.
Niseko Resort Tourist Association is helping you arrange accommodation and tickets, booking lunch, etc, and accepting inspections. Please inform me of those who wish when you apply.
Niseko Resort Tourist Association
Hokkaido Abuta-gun Niseko Machi character Motomachi 77 No. 10
Phone number: 0136-43-2051


The cost is free.


1 If you are interested in organizations or individuals who wish to inspect, please contact the Planning and Environment Division Public Relations Hearing Association by telephone.
Phone number: 0136-44-2121
2 After confirmation, please send the application form by e-mail or fax. When information arrives here, it will be officially accepted. (The e-mail address is listed under the application form, the FAX number is below.)


The Niseko Resort Tourist Association is preparing sightseeing tours and other planning trips as well as visiting correspondence depending on schedule and contents. For details, please contact Niseko Resort Tourist Association.
Phone number: 0136-44-2420

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