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  • 戸籍証明書等の請求書
  • 住民票等証明請求書
  • 印鑑登録証明書請求書
  • Transfer Notice
  • 転出届出書(外国人)


  • 所得や課税に関する証明
  • 税金の納税に関する証明
  • 固定資産税に関する証明
  • 住民税給与特別徴収に関する届出様式

Living & Environment


  • 建築確認申請、建築工事届・建築物除却届
  • Construction Recycling Law
  • Niseko Town Landscape Ordinance
  • 景観地区における認定申請
  • ニセコ町住宅省エネルギー改修工事促進補助金事業

Child-rearing・ Education

For infant center
  • 子どものための教育・保育給付等支給認定申請書  兼 入所(園)申込書
  • 子どものための教育・保育給付等支給認定現況届
  • 子どものための教育・保育給付支給認定変更申請書
  • 求職申立書(幼児センター用)
  • Petition to the effect that childcare is required
  • Childcare leave certificate
For children
  • Children's Hall Usage Application Form
  • Notification of cancellation of use of the Children's Hall
  • 求職申立書(こども館用)
  • Petition (if employment contract is expected)
Common style
  • 就労証明書(雇用主がいる方及び自営業(個人事業主)の方)
  • Agricultural worker certificate / Agricultural worker farming base survey

Disaster Prevention and Safety

  • Naked fire / dangerous goods use notification form for theaters etc (Form No. 3)
  • Start of fire prevention object use (content change) Notification Form (1 of Form No. 4)
  • Start of fire prevention object use (content change) Notification Form (1 of Form No. 4)
  • Additional document on fire protection target building building (Form No. 4 of 2)
  • Notification of discontinuation of fireproof objects (leave)
  • Furnace, heating facility, hot air heater, boiler etc. Installation (Change) Notification Form (Form No. 5)
  • Establishment of power generation / substation / storage battery equipment (change) notification form (Form No. 6)
  • Installation of neon tube light equipment (change) Notification form (Form No. 7)
  • Installation (change) balloon filling hydrogen gas Notification Form (No. 8)
  • Notification of actions that may cause fire and confusing smoke or fire (Form No. 9)
  • Fireworks launch gimmick notification form (Form No. 10)
  • Event Holding Notification Form (Form No. 11)
  • Water supply / water reduction notification form (Form No. 12)
  • Road Construction Notification Form (Form No. 13)
  • Chimney installation cleaning oil stove etc. Decomposition maintenance business notification form (Form No. 14)
  • Firefighting equipment business notification form (Form No. 15)
  • Opening notification form of open-air etc (Form No. 15 of 2)
  • Designated dong road etc. (new / change) Notification Form (Form No. 16)
  • Establishment of small amount dangerous goods storage handling office (abolition) Notification form (Form No. 17)
  • Establishment of designated combustible storage facility (abolition) Notification form (Form No. 17-2)

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