Experience life in Niseko "Living a little"

Experience life in Niseko "Living a little"
Niseko Town in a nice accommodation in the (hotels, guest houses, apartments and types of different 3 facilities), we offer a long-term stay plan.
Or look for your favorite places, or to obtain information of the local unique, anyway discovered the Niseko charm that does not taste a ... tourist or laid-back, a little bit Niseko Town Why do not you try to experience the people ?

* Each facility is a private accommodation. Niseko Town Office does not accept reservations, so please contact each facility directly

One Niseko Resort Towers (ONE NISEKO RESORT TOWERS)

One Niseko Resort Towers is a premium hotel condominium where you can enjoy a luxurious long-term stay. There is a 24-hour staff in the hotel, so you can stay safe and secure long-term stay. In addition, the hot spring in the hall will heal your mind and body after enjoying the winter powder snow and summer outdoor. Why do not you have a loose and beautiful time embracing by nature?
One Niseko Resort Towers (ONE NISEKO RESORT TOWERS)
Street addressNiseko Town character Niseko 455-3 (15 minutes by car from JR Niseko station)
Reservation · Inquiries電話番号:0136-50-2111
Floor planStudio Suite (47 - 49 m²) 3 people capacity
Premium Suite (68 sq m) Capacity for 3 people
Premium Grand Suite (75 - 81 sq m) Capacity for 5 people
Long stay planStudio Suite (3 persons capacity) 14 nights 1 room 60,200 yen ...
30 nights one room 108,900 yen ...
Premium Suite (3 people capacity) 14 nights 1 room 112,700 yen ...
30 nights one room 204,600 yen ...
Premium Grand Suite (for 5 people) 14 nights 154,000 yen-
30 nights / room 276,000 yen ...
· Rates vary depending on staying time. For rates, please contact us.
・ Please see the price list for 2019 and 2020 (Note 1).
Benefits · Set plan etc. 
Main facilitiesBath and toilet, High speed internet connection (free), TV, DVD player
Telephone, kitchen (utensils, dishes), microwave, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner
Iron and hair dryer
· There are hot springs, restaurants and cigar bars in the hotel.

Cottage Bongo Square

* Currently, cottage bongo plaza does not accept reception of "little living" for the full year. Normal accommodation is possible. Please contact us for more information.

Surrounded by trees, you can enjoy a walk on the premises. Please take a relaxing look at Mt. Yotei, called Ezo Fuji, skiing Mecca Niseko Annupuri. There is spring water nearby, and you can taste delicious water. Also, as many hot springs are scattered, we recommend that you enjoy the hot spring in Niseko by using hot spring pass etc.
Cottage Bongo Square
Street address863-12 Soga, Niseko Town(5 minutes by car from JR Niseko Station)
Reservation · Inquiries電話番号:0136-44-2098
Floor planCottage Tower 1st floor 2LDK
2nd floor 2 rooms
(Japanese tatami mat 10 tatami mat / flooring 7 tatami, three beds already arranged)
· Click on the accommodation information on the web and click on the cottage rakugo to see the photos in the room.
Long stay plan10 days - 2 weeks 86,000 yen (use of 2 to 5 people)
One month 125,000 yen (use of 2 to 5 people)
· Possible period is from late March to early July, October to early December
· Because of renewal work, 2018 can not be used until the end of July.
· The heating expenses are separately charged at actual cost during the stove use period. Photochemical water fee, parking lots included. Please feel free to contact us as we can respond according to your request.
Benefits · Set plan etc.· Discount coupon for outdoor experience
· Hot Spring Discount Coupon
· Ski resort lift · Gondola discount ticket
Main facilities· Pets (Negotiable), Kitchen (Individual), Barbeque Corner, TV Washing Machine, Microwave Oven, Refrigerator, Rice Cooker, Dishes, Cookware, Oil Stove, Bedding, Internet Available, Bath, Shower, Hair Dryer, Vacuum Cleaner

niseko guesthouse nalu (Niseko guesthouse Nalu)

It is a newly built guesthouse of OPEN in December 2016.
The rooms have simple bedding and desk only, shower, kitchen, living room etc, so we encounter travelers. While there is private, it is also a facility with people.
Street addressNiseko Town character Soga 480-30 (10 minutes by car from JR Niseko station)
Reservation · Inquiries電話番号:0136-55-5725
Floor planSingle Room & Twin Room (Kitchen, Shower)
Long stay planSummer only (April - November) Single room 40,000 yen per month
Twin room one month 80,000 yen
· We can respond according to your request, so please feel free to contact us.
Benefits · Set plan etc. 
Main facilitiesInternet use available, kitchen (shared), bath (communal), shower,
Barbecue set

LEE SPACE Niseko station front

Apartment that you can live in peace of mind safely in a rich environment surrounded by nature. In the vicinity there is Niseko Ekimae hot spring "Kurenu-yu" and Niseko Central Warehouse group, 2 minutes on foot from JR Niseko Station and good location.

Newly built condominium · All electrification · Auto lock · Card key · Delivery box · Interphone with TV · Giga · Wi-Fi compatible · Secom correspondence · Administrator permanent
Street addressNiseko Town Chuo-dori 60-7 (2-minute walk from JR Niseko Station)
Reservation · Inquiries電話番号:011-758-1211
Floor plan1 K (2.5 K × 8)
Long stay plan
Rent: 118,000 yen / month (Parking lot users add 5,400 yen / month)
Water utility water fee: 12,000 yen / month
※ Heating fee 10,000 yen / month for winter, 5,000 yen / month for snow removal (parking lot users only) Addition
※ Cleaning fee 17,000 yen at the time of contract, administrative fee 10,000 yen (tax not included)
Benefits · Set plan etc. 
Main facilitiesInternet use available, kitchen, bath
All electrification · auto lock · card key · IH stove · TV · refrigerator · washing machine · microwave · air purifier · vacuum cleaner · toilet with bed wash · bed · mail box · home delivery box · giga · Wi-Fi compatible · secom compatible · Managers living permanently
【Requested person only】
Parking lot · Futon set · kitchen complete · hairdryer · rice cooker · towel · bath towel

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