Use of public facilities

Reservation status of public facilities

We are disclosing the reservation status of public facilities. You can not make a reservation directly from this page, so when you make a reservation please apply directly to each facility, please contact us.
Please note that the reservation status will change from time to time, so please be sure to contact us in advance if you are considering use.

Machiya Center

General gymnasium

Sports park

Tennis court

Niseko Central Warehouse Group (Former Starch Factory)

Inquiries by telephone 0136-55-5538

Time spent at each facility

9:00 am to 10:00 pm
  • Total gymnasium is open until 10:00 pm in the winter period from November to March by experiment.
  • Up to sunset at the athletic park
  • For the athletic park and the tennis court, the available period is changed due to snowfall and snowfall.
For details of sports facilities, please see the sports facilities list on the public facility information page.

Please cooperate with non-smoking on the premises of public facilities

From April 1, 2020, most public facilities are no-smoking on-site.
Due to the enforcement of the revised Health Promotion Act, smoking facilities were abolished on April 1, 2020 in many public facilities, and the premises were completely smoke-free.

With revised Health Promotion Act
To prevent unwanted passive smoking, a law amending a part of the Health Promotion Law was enacted in July 2018, and was fully enforced on April 1, 2020. This amendment will take into account children and patients who have a large health impact from passive smoking, and will ban smoking, except for certain places in facilities, according to the type of facility used by many people. It defines the measures to be taken.

We apologize for the inconvenience of using the smoking area, but we ask for your understanding and cooperation to prevent unwanted passive smoking.
In addition, please refrain from smoking on the street around the facility, as it may cause inconvenience to the neighboring residents.

Non-smoking facilities on site
* All buildings on the site are non-smoking
* Please refrain from smoking on the road around the facility
* Non-smoking facilities on the premises are also listed before April 1.

Administrative facilities, etc.
Niseko Town Hall, Sewerage Management Center, Niseko Senba, Town-owned Cemetery, Public housing, etc.

Culture and Education facilities
Arishima Memorial Hall, Learning Exchange Center "Playbook"

(Non-smoking on the premises from December 1, 2017) Niseko Elementary School, Kondo Elementary School, Niseko Junior High School, Niseko High School, Infant Center, School Lunch Center, International Exchange Facility (Hokkaido International School)

Community Facilities
Townspeople Center, Nishitomi Townspeople Center, Kondo Area Community Center, Motomachi Area Community Center, Satomi Area Community Center, Niseko Area Community Center, Fukui Area Community Center, Soga Activation Center, Niseko Central Warehouse Group (former starch factory, No. 1 warehouse) , No. 13 warehouse, open space)

Sports Facilities
General gymnasium, tennis court, street basket court, athletics stadium, sports park, swimming pool

Park / Campground
All parks in the town, such as the Rural Park "Chibikko Plaza" and Soga Forest Park (Tokeien)

Facilities where smoking is allowed even after April 1, 2020
Road Station Niseko View Plaza, Kiranoyu, Niseko Campsite, Compost Center, Livestock Association Venue, Intensive Grassland

* Even in places where you can smoke, please give due consideration to avoid second-hand smoke for others
Non-smoking facilities on siteAdministrative facilities, etc.・ Niseko Town Office
・ Sewage management center
・ Niseko funeral hall
・ Municipal cemetery
・ In the housing complex site (including the hall)
・ Old heliport
・ General waste disposal site
Culture and Education facilities・ Arishima Memorial Hall
・ Learning Exchange Center "Play"
・ Niseko Elementary School
・ Kondo Elementary School
・ Niseko Junior High School
・ Niseko High School
・ Infant Center
・ School lunch center
・ Hokkaido International School
Community Facilities・ Town center
・ Nishitomi district townsman center
・ Kondo Regional Community Center
・ Motomachi Community Center
・ Satomi area community center
・ Niseko Regional Community Center
・ Fukui district community center
・ Soga Activation Center
・ Niseko Central Warehouse Group
Sports Facilities・ General gymnasium
·Tennis court
・ Street basket court
・ Athletics field
・ Exercise park
・ Swimming pool
Park / Campground・ Rural park "little child open space"
・ Soga Forest Park (Higashi Keien)
・ Other parks in the town
Facilities where smoking is allowed・ Road Station Niseko View Plaza
・ Kiranoyu
・ Niseko Campsite
・ Compost center
・ Livestock Association
・ Intensive grassland

Contact information for each facility

Machiya Center

Niseko Town Chamber of Commerce Phone: 0136-44-2221

General gymnasium, athletic park, tennis court

Niseko Town Education Committee Township Learning Division Sports Section Phone: 0136-44-2034

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Townspeople's department
Niseko Town Board of Education
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