Serious emigration conference

We exhibited at "the serious emigration conference 2019" for people thinking about emigration and settlement to Hokkaido in earnest, and the staff in charge of the public hall, emigrators, regional revitalizers, etc. answered the consultation of Niseko living directly .
Date and timeJune 23 (Sun) 11: 00-17: 00
VenueTokyo Transportation Hall 12th Floor Cattleya Salon A
(10-1 Yurakucho 2 - Chome, Chiyoda - ku, Tokyo)
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We exhibited at the serious migration consultation meeting 2019, and provided information and consultation on Niseko Town migration information by government officials and actual migrants.
Active volunteers from the community also talked about the volunteer team system and activities in Niseko Town.
Approximately 20 pairs came to the Niseko Town booth on the day, and the age range was wide, with many couples and families, so it was an opportunity to talk with a variety of people.

In addition, immigration consultation is accepted at any time by telephone or email.
Please feel free to consult us first.

Exhibited in the past "real migration conference"

Exhibited at serious migration consultation 2018. About 20 pairs of people came to consultation on that day.
Migration consultation is accepted at any time by phone, e-mail etc.
Please feel free to consult us first.

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