Regulatory list

Niseko Town has various regulations in addition to the regulations under the Building Standards Law. When planning a building, please also check the following regulations.

Niseko Town Landscape Ordinance

Niseko Town has been enacting "Niseko Town Landscape Ordinance" since October 2004. Niseko Town The whole area is targeted. Prior consultation with the Niseko Town chief is required when conducting construction such as buildings and works exceeding 10 m in height, designated business sites, land development exceeding a certain scale, or installing outdoor advertising materials. For details, please see the page on landscape creation.

Niseko Town Sub-City Planning Area

Niseko Town has introduced the “ Niseko Town Quasi-City Plan” from March 6, 2009. It is designated in the Niseko Annupuri Moiwa hills area (part of Niseko, part of character Soga, part of character Higashiyama) in the town. In addition to restrictions on building and floor area ratios, there are also restrictions on approaching roads. In addition, landscape areas and restricted areas for specific uses have been established in the same area, and there are regulations on the height of buildings and colors that can be used for their appearance. Specifically, please see page of associate city planning.

Other regulations

Agriculture Promotion Area / Agricultural Land

Niseko Town agricultural land and agricultural land distributed to various places in the can, can not be used on non-agricultural purposes. When we consider architecture, exclusion application is necessary.

Forest area

Niseko Town distributed in various places in the, in order to cut down trees of private forest that is the target of regional forest plan, you will need to pre-logging notification.

Natural park area

Niseko Town in part of the, common areas and are the third kind Territory is specified, by the Natural Parks Law, height, building coverage ratio, floor area ratio, there are restrictions on color, etc., notification or permission by the contents of the act will become necessary.

Buried cultural property warehouse

Niseko Town Inside, there is occluded areas of buried cultural properties in various places. If the planned site is a storage site, you may be required to cancel or change the architectural plan.


Regulationcontact informationTEL:
Agriculture Promotion Area / Agricultural LandNiseko Town Hall Agricultural Administration Section Agricultural Administration Section / Agriculture Committee0136-44-2121
Forest areaNiseko Town Hall Agricultural Administration Division Livestock and Forestry Section0136-44-2121
Natural park areaHokkaido Shinshi Integrated Promotion Bureau Environmental Life Section Division of Natural Environment0136-23-1354
Buried cultural property warehouseNiseko Town Office Board of Education Township Learning Section Township Study Section0136-44-2034

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