Landscape creation and wide area environmental policy (Niseko Town Landscape Ordinance etc.)

Niseko Town is surrounded by mountains such as Mt. Yotei and Niseko Annupuri, and the clear stream of the Shiribetsu River flows through the center of the town.
A good landscape is born from harmony with nature and landscapes and is a valuable area property that has been built in the past through the accumulation of local industry, culture and history over the years.
In order to protect and nurture these beautiful and magnificent Niseko landscapes and to convey the rich blessings of nature to future generations, we are making various efforts in a wide area including Niseko Town and Niseko Town.

Landscape creation and landscape policy based on the "Niseko Town Landscape Ordinance"

Niseko Town has enforced the "Niseko Town Landscape Ordinance" since October 2004.
As a result, (buildings and workpiece that exceeds the height 10m, such as land development beyond the specified business field and a certain scale) development project in the town If you want to implement and, when installing an outdoor advertising material, Niseko Town length and Prior consultation is required. See below for details.

Enforcement on April 1, 2022 / Revision of Niseko Town Landscape Ordinance, etc.

We have added an effort rule to the ordinance to disclose the contents of the development project at the stage of the planning concept before the holding of the resident briefing session (Article 30 of the ordinance) and the disclosure of materials (Article 30-2).
See the following file for details.

Enforcement on April 1, 2021 / Amendment of Niseko Town Landscape Ordinance

Based on the response to the recent complicated development projects in the town and Landscape Ordinance, the position of the developers including the designer and the builder is clarified, and it has been handled in the operation and interpretation in the discussion so far. In order to appropriately give advice and guidance to development projects that contribute to town development from the standpoint of this ordinance, such as clearly stating the matters mentioned in the ordinance, the Niseko Town Landscape Ordinance enforcement rules, and guidance examination standards will be partially revised. I did it.
See the following file for details.

Enforcement on April 1, 2020 / Revision of Niseko Town Landscape Ordinance Enforcement Regulations

Regarding the change of land traits to be discussed in the development project, we revised part of the Niseko Town Landscape Ordinance Enforcement Regulations.
See the following file for details.

Enacted October 1, 2018 / Revision of Niseko Town Landscape Ordinance etc. (change of hearing point)

We changed opinion hearing at the time of examination of discussion about conclusion of agreement about the making of scenery and development project from council for environment to council for city planning.
See the following file for details.

Enforcement on July 1, 2009 / Revision of the Niseko Town Landscape Ordinance (quasi-city planning and restricted areas for specific uses and landscape districts)

Quasi-city plan was enforced in the district to promote orderly development of Niseko Annupuri and Moiwa mountain where active lands transactions have been conducted for several years (March 6, 2009). Along with this, in the town, further detailed restrictions etc. were made to the district, such as designation of restricted special use area and landscape district now (July 1, 2009). For details such as areas and contents, please refer to the quasi-city plan page.
In order to match these new restrictions with the procedures and application standards of the Niseko Town Landscape Ordinance that has been enforced before, we partially revised the ordinance and rules as follows.
For details, please see the following file.

Enforcement on October 1, 2008 / About revision of Niseko Town Landscape Ordinance (Hokkaido landscape planning related)

At Niseko Town, the "regulation of acts" started by Hokkaido and the "Niseko Town Landscape Ordinance" that Niseko Town have already enforced for the sake of landscape conservation, and are even better. We will revise a part of "Niseko Town Landscape Ordinance" in order to promote the creation of a unique landscape.
In Hokkaido, we have set up a notification system for acts such as buildings on the whole road one yen (excluding some areas) based on the landscape law.
In the Mt. Yotei area, regulations by this system will start from October 1, 2008 (other areas will be in April of next year) (For example, if buildings exceeding 10 m are to be built, it will be necessary to notify Hokkaido for buildings ).
Niseko Town, before the start of this Hokkaido system, we have been working to preserve the landscape under our own ordinance. For this reason, even in the case of building a building that is subject to restrictions on the landscape, in the case of Niseko Town, consultation with the town will be conducted as before. [About the contents of the revision]
The details of the target projects that require prior consultation in Niseko Town have been refined, and consideration has been added to the examination standards, such as consideration for colors and views, and harmony with the living environment.
For details, please see the following file.

Outline of "Niseko Town Landscape Ordinance"

The two-secret landscape is a valuable asset built over a long period of time through the living harmony with beautiful nature and scenery.
In recent years, phenomena such as degradation of agricultural land, increase of degraded structures, illegal dumping, etc., impairing the aesthetic appearance of the town are getting noticeable. On the other hand, while taking a lot of attention as an international resort, there are also areas where developments and residential land sales movements are becoming active.
Since October 2004, the Niseko Town Landscape Ordinance has been enforced to protect and nurture this valuable property, and to promote the creation of landscapes in cooperation with the townspeople.
The framework of this ordinance is as follows.
Please see the following page for the progress of Landscape Ordinance.
  • 【Goal】 Efforts to create landscapes like Niseko
  • 1 Promotion Initiatives (Support System)
  • Concluded / certified "landscape agreement"
  • Conclusion / Certification of "Community Agreement"
  • Designation of "important landscape etc."
  • Designation of "Hometown view point" (Note 1) [Ordinance Article 13]
  • [Ordinance Article 17]
  • [Ordinance Article 22]
  • [Ordinance Article 27]
  • 2 Actions that require consultation with the mayor (consultation system)
  • Discussion of development project
  • Consultation on outdoor advertisement
  • Proper management of land etc.
  • [Ordinance Article 28]
  • [Ordinance Article 40]
  • [Ordinance Article 48]
  • 3 Method to assist in the above
  • Purchase of land etc. [Ordinance Article 53]
Efforts to create landscapes like Niseko

"Development project", which requires prior consultation, "outdoor advertisement" and procedures

"Development Project" (buildings and workpiece above a certain scale, construction and such as land development of the specified business field) in the town when carrying out the will, Niseko Town requires prior consultation with length.
In addition, pre-negotiation is required for all "outdoor advertisements" such as private advertisements and information signboards.
For the procedure of consultation, please see the following.

Consultation procedure flow of development project Flow -

1 Prior confirmation, prior consultation (residents around the planned development project site)

In the development project, we will share information and have dialogues with local people from an early stage (before the preliminary landscape survey), such as the business plan examination stage and plan concept stage, and the current status, characteristics, surrounding conditions, etc. of the planned development project site. Please understand.

2 Prior consultation with the town (consultation / meeting)

3 Preliminary landscape survey and report

4 Holding of resident briefing session and disclosure and report of materials

When there is an implementation request from the town in the development project
When the impact of the landscape due to the development project is judged to be minor

5 Submission of consultation documents and attached documents (see Appendix 1)

6 Notice of consent / disagreement from the town

In principle within 14 days (within 30 days by case)

7 Start development business

* If the development project is not started within 3 years from the date of consent to the discussion, the above discussion will be held again.

8 Development project completed

For details such as the contents of development projects that require consultation, please see the following documents.
Please see the following page for information on land purchase, use, development regulations, city planning, etc. in Niseko Town.
Niseko Town quasi-city planning and specific use restricted area, landscape district.

Consultation procedure flow of outdoor advertisements Flow -

1 Advance consultation (consultation, meeting)

2 (only when necessary) Preliminary landscape survey, report

3 Submission of consultation form (Form No. 27) and attached document (see Attachment 2)

4 Consent / disagreement notice from the town

In principle within 14 days (within 30 days by case)

5 Business launch possible with notification of consent

For details, please see the following documents.
  • Niseko Town Landscape Ordinance & Rules (Examination Standards, etc.)
  • When installing outdoor advertising materials, consultation with Hokkaido is also required in addition to Niseko Town.

Department in charge of Hokkaido

Hokkaido Shogi General Promotion Bureau Construction Instruction and Division
Hokkaido Abuta-gun Kutchan-cho Northern 1 Azabu 2 chome

Niseko Town Landscape Ordinance submission form, contact information

Niseko Town Hall City Construction Division City Planning Section
57 Fujimi, Niseko Town Abuta-gun, Hokkaido

Ordinance text, various styles

Ordinance text

Niseko Town Regulation System Please see "Niseko Town Landscape Ordinance" from "10th Construction Chapter 3 City Planning".

Various styles

Positioning of landscape conservation and Landscape Ordinance in Niseko town

Please refer to the following plans for landscape conservation and the positioning of Landscape Ordinance in Niseko Town.

Wide area environmental policy - Creating wide area landscapes in cooperation with neighboring local governments, wide area environmental conservation -

Guidelines for creating wide area landscape at the foot of Mt. Yotei (Creating wide area scenery)

Efforts to create a wide-area landscape centered on Mt. Yotei

The scenery shared by the seven towns and villages surrounding Ranko Mt.Yotei (Ranetsu Town, Niseko Town, Makkari Village, Rusutsu Village, Kibetsu Town, Kyogoku Town, and Kutchan Town) is the pride of the area, and in search of this landscape Many tourists are also visiting. However, in recent years, the obstacles to the landscape have been increasing, and if this situation continues, this landscape will not only be able to be passed on to the next generation, but will also lead to the deterioration of the image as a tourist area.
Under these circumstances, we are addressing problems from a broader viewpoint, and are making efforts to create new landscapes that will appeal the attractiveness of the region more than not being trapped by the administrative circle. In August 2005, the heads of 7 municipalities established the "Council for Promotion of Mt. Yotei Mountain Area Scenic Area Promotion" and requested Hokkaido to designate it as a promotion area for wide area landscaping based on beautiful scenery regulations of beautiful landscape in Hokkaido The we.

Guidelines for making a wide-area landscape

When designated as a promotion area, it will be promoted to create a wide area landscape based on the "wide area landscape creation guidelines" established by the governor. Approximately 50 people from the community-related residents, towns, villages, the people, stakeholders in Hokkaido and landscape creation experts who are involved in regional development since the August 2005, at the council, "Study Group on Landscape Creation" was held. We held four review meetings by December and summarized "Guidelines local proposal" and submitted it to Hokkaido Governor.

Based on this, Hokkaido has established the following guidelines in March 2006.

To concrete action

Based on the above guidelines, the Council for Promotion of Landscape at Yotei Mountain is focused on the development of concrete action plans.

Unification Act on Conservation of River Environment (Unification River Unification Ordinance)

The clear stream, Shiribetsu River, which flows through Niseko, is a region's property with its beauty and abundance. In the past 14 times, it has been ranked number 1 in Japan in the river rankings, which show the degree of cleanliness of first-class rivers in Japan. With the aim of preserving the environment in the Shiribetsu River basin, seven towns and villages in the basin (Ranetsu Town, Niseko Town, Makkari Village, Rusutsu Village, Kibetsu Town, Kyogoku Town, Kutchan Town) collaborate and cooperate, and the `` Shiretsu River Liaison Council '' Is operated.
This council has been working on a unified ordinance for river environment preservation, centering on the Shiribetsu River, for about five years since 2000. Based on this result, Niseko Town proposed the ordinance plan to the council in March 2006 and took effect in April.

Ordinance on conservation of river environment in Niseko Town

~ 7 Formulation of same regulations in towns and villages
Please see the Niseko Town Regulations. (Part 8 Living Environment Chapter 6 Environmental Conservation)

Ordinance revision

In June 2011, we proposed a revision proposal to Parliament to add a provision concerning conservation of biodiversity, in order to enrich measures concerning preservation of river environment (revision of same content in 7 municipalities).

Public review of ordinances (draft) and implementation of opinion public offering

Public viewing and opinion recruitment period: June 2 - 8, 2011
Opinions gathered and their correspondence: No opinions

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