Migrant model

In this corner, we will introduce people who have actually moved to Niseko Town. The purpose of this report is not to create information as a government office, but to convey the true meaning of the migrants, so that readers can feel the charm of Niseko Town and various issues related to migration.

No.10 LaLaLa Farm Yoshihiro Hattori

Go to the next stage with the keywords "fermentation" and "circulation"

No.9 Hat shop "The Mad Hattaer, Niseko" Kenji Numajiri

Engagement with people opens new doors

No.8 Hokkaido Lion Adventure Shinichi Shimoda

I want to make a town where both migrants and people raised in this town can work together

No.7 Pikinini (Pikinini) Mr. and Mrs. Ohashi

Aiming for a shop where children as well as adults will have fun

No. 6 Komori Ski Plant President Hideo Komori

Make skiing with "NISEKO"! Shrinking the market is rather a chance!

No.5 Rupicia group representative Hiroki Mizuguchi

"There is no reason why you can not do business unless you live in a city"

No.4 Kota Shrine Akihiko Tamaki Shoji

"There is a mix culture that accepts any kind of communication." "I think that is the most important factor in creating something new."

No.3 Mr. Yayoi Shintani, Niseko Avalanche Research Institute

I have a sense of mission that my "avalanche information" that supports the "Niseko rule" is my job.

No.2 Mr. and Mrs. Honma, Niseko Winery

I want to nurture organic wine making with high added value as a business that can contribute to the area!

No.1 Powderlife Land Mr. Couples

Niseko Town is responding to a diversifying society.
I am very comfortable to live.

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