Niseko Town Sightseeing brochure

Here, we introduce useful brochures and maps to enjoy Niseko Town.
These brochures etc are mainly distributed at Niseko View Plaza, Road Station, JR Niseko Station, Niseko Town Commerce and Commerce and Tourism Division, etc.
In addition, it is also possible to order by post, so please contact us (Please note that it may not be in stock).

Inquiry · Tourist Information

Niseko Resort Tourist Association
Phone number: 0136-43-2051

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Niseko town sightseeing guide · NISEKO TOURIST GUIDE

[Issue] Niseko Machi Commerce and Tourism Division
【Supported languages】 Japanese, English (separate volume)
It is a pocket-sized booklet that is easy to have, not only tourist information of Niseko town, but also information of the town is filled up to history. If you want to know Niseko, this is the first volume!

Niseko Tourist Spot Map · Niseko Town Version

[Issue] Niseko Tourist Sphere Council
[Supported languages] Japanese, English (written together)
Road map in Niseko town and wide area, major facilities to become viewpoints and landmarks etc are posted.
Since you can grasp the whole picture of the Niseko area, it is convenient for moving to your destination.

Niseko Express Vol.32

[Issue] Niseko mountain tourism liaison council
[Supported languages] Japanese
Tour book information of five Niseko mountain towns (Niseko town, Kutchan-cho, Ranchige-cho, Kyowa-cho, Iwanai-machi) was posted in detail, one volume full scale.

Niseko Hotspring Guide

[Issue] Niseko Tourist Sphere Council
[Supported languages] Japanese, English (written together)
Hot spring facilities in the Niseko area, a treasure house of hot springs, are posted with maps.
Along with commentary of the local hot spring sommelier, attractive features are introduced in an easy-to-understand manner.

Niseko Town Gourmet Guide Map Niseko Gourmet Guide Map

[Issue] Niseko Machi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Inquiries / 0136-44-2214)
[Supported languages] Japanese, English (together)
A restaurant in Niseko town is posted with a map.

Niseko Foot Path Map

[Issue] Niseko Resort Tourism Association Inc.
[Supported languages] Japanese
We introduce three footpath courses and surrounding attractions in Niseko in an easy-to-understand manner.

Niseko Footpath _ Natural History

Niseko Footpath _ Literature History

Niseko Foot Path _ Pioneering History

Yotei mountain guide

[Issued] Yotei Management Conservation Liaison Committee
[Supported languages] Japanese
In the compact size that it is easy to hold, the information necessary for climbing Yotei mountain is packed.

Niseko Lake Walking Guide

[Issue] Niseko mountain tourism liaison council
[Supported languages] Japanese
Information on trekking around Niseko mountain range, swamp and swamp, seasonal plants and so on.

Niseko Cycling Map

[Issue] Niseko Tourist Sphere Council
[Supported languages] Japanese, English (written together)
From Niseko area to Mt. Mt. Yotei, it is packed with recommended cycling course and sights of the surrounding area.

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