Residential energy conservation renovation construction promotion subsidy project

We started accepting FY2003

In Niseko Town, in order to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions from home and create a more comfortable living environment aiming at small environmentally conscious world cities, everyone in town should take care of energy conservation renovation of houses where they live We will provide subsidies and implement projects to encourage renovation work to reduce environmental impact.

Subject recipient

  • You own that housing.
  • Have an address and live in the residential housing within 30 days after application for subsidy or completion of construction.
  • The applicant and all the family members of the household must pay taxes paid to municipalities.
  • Apply for assistance at least 14 days prior to the planned construction start date.
  • In the construction work, do not receive duplicate grants such as other grants or benefits of the country, Hokkaido or Niseko town.

Subject construction

Of the following constructions (1) to (4) that correspond to certain energy-saving standards, construction of (1) or construction including (1).

(1) Thermal insulation renovation work of all windows (Note: essential construction)
(2) Thermal insulation renovation works of ceilings
(3) Wall insulation repair work
(4) Insulation repair work for floor etc.

Note: If all windows already meet the energy-saving standards, it will be applicable only to constructions (2) to (4) that correspond to certain energy-saving standards.

Construction of construction cost of 300,000 yen or more (including consumption tax) of auxiliary construction cost (the lower of the amount of expenses required for construction and the amount calculated based on the standard cost listed in the separate table).

It shall be completed by December 31 of the relevant year.

Subsidy amount

20% of the amount of expenses required for auxiliary construction work and the amount calculated from the standard expenses listed in the separate table, whichever is smaller
(Rounded down to less than one thousand yen), the upper limit is 300,000 yen. However, the upper limit for upgrading (2) - (4) is 500,000 yen.

Flow of auxiliary application

Flow of auxiliary application

Subsidiary grant outline

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