About the case of dismantling and removing buildings

In the case of dismantling and removing buildings (when the floor area exceeds 10 m²), it is necessary to submit a building dismissal notification in advance. Also, if the building floor area exceeds 80 square meters due to dismantling of the building, notification of the Building Recycling Law is also required.

About the Construction Recycling Law

Construction requiring notification

The following table shows the constructions required for notification.
Types of constructionScale of scale
Demolition of buildingTotal floor space 80 square meters or more
New construction and expansion of buildingsTotal floor area 500 square meters or more
Repairing and rebranching of buildings (remodeling etc.)Construction amount more than 100 million yen
Construction on other works (civil engineering work etc.)Construction amount 5 million yen or more

Documents to be submitted for private construction (Article 10)


  • Notification Form
  • Process sheet
  • Overall photograph before demolition
  • Nearby sketch map

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