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International exchange Niseko What is FRIENDS?

International exchange Niseko FRIENDS (official name: Niseko Town International Exchange Promotion Council) was founded in 2011 to promote international exchange in the Niseko area.
Supporting, cooperating and participating in international exchange events organized by international exchange workers in Niseko Town, we support activities that local residents can interact regardless of nationality.

A state of activity

Niseko FRIENDS carries out various international exchange events mainly for international exchange workers. Every event is a pleasant event to experience multiculturalism.
Event announcement information is announced at HP, international exchange newspaper, leaflet etc etc. Please feel free to join us.
○ Christmas party
All participants brought handmade dishes and held Christmas parties. I ate delicious dishes and watched Christmas DVD. In addition, the introduction of the Christmas culture of the home country by the international exchange worker was an opportunity to know multiculturalism.

Christmas party

○ Irish cafe
It is an event that introduces Irish food and culture by Irish national international exchange coordinator Derek. Everyone at Irish cakes made by Mr. Derrick was eaten and experienced the culture of Ireland.

Irish sweets

○ Picture book world
It is an international exchange event that you can experience various cultures by participating in multilingual reading stories, workshops, games, etc. of picture books by international exchange workers, while freely reading picture books from around the world. Multilingual reading in six languages ​​is unique to Niseko Town. It is content that many people can enjoy from children to adults.

Let's read multilingual stories

enrollment guidance

If you are interested in international exchange, want to know foreign culture, anyone can join. For those who wish to join, please apply by mail, telephone, fax. You can also join us at the direct office.

○ Those who apply by mail or fax
Please fill in the application form below and send it by post or fax.
<Post> 〒 048-1595 Niseko Machi Fuji Fujimi 47 Address Planning and Environment Division Management Planning Section
<FAX> 0136-44-3500

○ Those who apply by phone
I will enroll in the application form by telephone.
<Phone> 0136-44-2121 (Planning and Environment Division, Corporate Planning Division)

○ For those who apply at a direct office
Please come to the Planning & Environment Division. Please fill out the application form.

I am waiting for everyone's enrollment.

International exchange newspaper

I publish international exchange newspaper once a month.
The cultural introduction of the home country of that season and the closeness of the international exchange worker are posted.










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