What kind of town is
Niseko Town?

Located near the center of Shimane pipe, it overlooks Niseko Annupuri in the north, and Mount Yotei, known by the nickname Ezo Fuji, to the east.
The core industries are agriculture and tourism, and accommodation facilities such as hotels and pensions are also substantial. In agriculture, we boast high standards in terms of both the quality and taste of potatoes, melons, and asparagus, and are highly evaluated nationwide.
It is also known for having many tourists, enjoying outdoor sports during the summer season and in the winter season, winter sports are actively held at large-scale ski resorts with world-class snow quality.
In addition, the country has been selected as an “ Eco-Model City ” by the government and is working on environmental policies.
In addition, in 2001, the town of Niseko enacted the "Basic Ordinance for Town Planning," the first basic ordinance of self-government called the "Town Constitution" in Japan. As a result, "citizen participation" and "information sharing" are important pillars, and we are promoting urban development while helping each other.

Niseko Town

Niseko Town Policies for Work Security

Agriculture and tourism are the main industries in Niseko Town, located in the international tourist resort area. By taking advantage of the local features that many tourists from home and abroad visit, there is an opportunity for business development targeting tourists. There is also work such as starting a restaurant and a souvenir shop, and winter sports instructors in the winter, to select the type of work for each season.

Niseko Town where you can work with peace of mind

Foundation support

One stop for entrepreneurship support

Niseko Town and the Niseko Town Chamber of Commerce have established a one-stop window for entrepreneurship support and provide support in the establishment of a business. We provide consultation on business plan advice and financing.

Support for entrepreneurship and business expansion

Niseko Town, we provide subsidies to support businesses that take on challenges and step-ups in the town.

Niseko Business School

At the Chamber of Commerce, we are offering the "Niseko Business School" in collaboration with Otaru University of Commerce to learn knowledge about entrepreneurship.

Information provision

At the Chamber of Commerce, we are matching vacant house stores, such as wanting to rent a store, or rent it out.

Industry Promotion Fund (fund loan / fund support)

Niseko Town, if individuals, groups or companies need funds to conduct business for industrial promotion, they can receive fund loans and subsidies.

Niseko Town Wine Special Zone

As a special measure for the regulation of production and sales of fruit liquor and liqueur such as wine, the minimum production quantity standard (6 kl) for liquor production license prescribed by the liquor tax law is relaxed.

※ This is not a measure that makes liquor production license unnecessary.

Inquiries about work

Niseko Town Chamber of Commerce
TEL 0136-44-2214
Niseko Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry will assist you in consulting and supporting entrepreneurs. Please feel free to contact us.
Hello Work
TEL 0136-22-0248
Niseko Town There is a bulletin board on the first floor of the government office, mainly for short-term employment, and there is HelloWork in Kutchan-cho, the neighboring town.
Shiribeshi "Town-People-Work" matching plan
TEL 0136-23-1362
For those working at winter season resorts such as Niseko, we will introduce summer "work" and "housing", and those who work in summer will introduce "work" and "housing" in winter resort.

Niseko life experience
"Living a little"

Niseko Town has lovely accommodation, we offer a long-term stay plan.
Find your favourite places, get information on unique local things, just relax... why not discover the Niseko charm that you can't experience by tourism and experience being one of Niseko's townspeople?

A little living compatible facility

Annupuri VillageCottage Bongo Square

Immigration Settlement Counselor / Immigration Portal Site

A new consultation desk has been set up at the new Niseko Central Warehouse Group in Niseko Town.
In addition, we have set up an immigration portal site that specializes in immigration and settlement, and provides information that is easier to understand from the perspective of immigrants.
The old starch factory in the Niseko Central Warehouse Group with a window is a free space with free Wi-Fi. In addition to a cafe, there is also a kids space and a nursing room, so you can use it safely with consultation with children. Immigration settlement counselor, even your own Niseko Town are moved to, Niseko Town and entrepreneurship in, current, Are You the midst parenting. As a resettlement, as a founder or parent with a small child, we will provide you with real voice and advice! Please relax and consult at the cafe.
If you would like to consult with us, please contact and schedule in advance.

Immigration consultation counter

ニセコ町移住相談窓口 連絡先

Immigration settlement counselor Okuda Keita
TEL 050-3395-0136

Email: info □ niseko-iju.com (replace □ with @)

Niseko Town Office Planning and Environment Section
TEL 0136-44-2121 
FAX 0136-44-3500

Niseko Town Immigration Support Twitter

Niseko Town Official Facebook

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