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The Niseko town local health promotion donation project that we are working on from the year 2004 is a system to support each and every one of the "thoughts toward Niseko town" in the form of donation.
The donation we receive carefully is used to support education and cultural activities, support for community activities, industry promotion, and the wonderful nature of Niseko Town to the future.
In addition, we have also undertook initiatives for "Hometown Resident's Card" that has connections with those who donated.
Everyone I can sympathize with in Niseko town development, home keeping, Niseko fans, I am waiting for your support from the bottom of my heart.
To those who contributed Feelings of feelings
To those who donated, rare donor by Niseko town choice drinking yoghurt, special products such as organic wine by local winery, agricultural products, experience menu such as skiing and rafting, hot springs selection, ski workshop in Niseko town Limited original design We offer handmade items such as handmade skis and wood crafts, but there are slight items.

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