Measures against global warming

Global warming has already begun.
Due to this influence, various problems such as a place where the sea level rises and submerge, an increase in abnormal weather, occurrence of water shortage etc. occurs. Even Niseko is worried about climate change, powder snow disappears, agricultural products are adversely affected.
Global warming is the expansion of human activity, which means that the surface temperature of the earth rises by increasing the concentration of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. Especially the influence of carbon dioxide is said to be great.
The world temperature rose by 0.74 degrees in the past 100 years.
The amount of carbon dioxide emitted by people is about 2.3 times the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by the earth's nature. If carbon dioxide emission continues to exceed the absorption amount as it is, the limit will be reached.
Experts predict that the limit of CO 2 concentration on the earth is 450 ppm. Current CO2 concentration of the Earth is 380 ppm. Earth's carbon dioxide continues to increase steadily.
Now, measures to prevent global warming are necessary.

Niseko Town Global Warming Countermeasures Action Plan (Area Measures)

Niseko Town has formulated an action plan to prevent global warming.
In compliance with the Law Concerning the Promotion of Measures to Cope with Global Warming, we have formulated the "Local Public Organization Action Plan (Area Measures Version)" for Global Warming Countermeasures to show the medium-term greenhouse gas reduction targets, We aim to strengthen and work on this in the regional age, aiming at realizing a low-carbon society with a long-term perspective.
In addition, development of global warming measure implementation plan is obliged by public entity more than special city, and Niseko Town is not the object. Niseko Town is eager to formulate this plan and hope to promote global warming countermeasures strategically and to promote low-carbon cities.


4th Niseko Town Global Warming Countermeasures Action Plan (Office Business)

We have formulated the 4th Niseko Town Global Warming Countermeasures Action Plan (office work). This plan is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from administrative office work and business in Niseko Town.
Under this plan, we have set a goal that is comparable to the national plan for global warming prevention, such as "reducing greenhouse gas emissions from administrative affairs and business by 40% in 2030 compared to 2013" Based on our basic policy of improving comfort and the quality of operations and significantly reducing environmental impact, we will take the initiative in implementing initiatives.


Reference: Past plans

Energy consumption report

Eco activities at home

To reduce CO2, let's spend energy savings in everyday life.
By saving energy somewhat in our life, we have the following CO2 reduction effect.
Eco activities at home (From the "2010 edition home energy saving major dictionary")
CategoryitemAmount of electricity reduction (/ year)CO2 reduction amount (kg / year)
Oil fan heaterSet the temperature setting for heating from 21 ° C to 20 ° C10.22 L25.4
Oil fan heaterReduce heating time by 1 hour a dayKerosene 15.91 L
Electricity 3.89 kWh
illuminationChange incandescent light bulb to energy saving type fluorescent lamp84.00 kWh31.3
illuminationShorten the lighting time of the fluorescent lamp by one hour a day4.38 kWh1.6
illuminationThe screen should not be too bright29.89 kWh11.2
illuminationDo not increase the volume unnecessarily2.46 kWh0.9
Electric refrigeratorOrganize without cramming too much43.84 kWh16.4
Electric refrigeratorStop unnecessary opening and closing10.40 kWh3.9
Electric refrigeratorReduce opening time6.10 kWh2.3
Electric refrigeratorWhen setting temperature is changed from "strong" to "medium"61.72 kWh23
Electric refrigeratorAppropriate spacing from the wall45.08 kWh16.8
Gas water heaterSet to low temperature when washing dishes8.80 rice20.0
Electric potWhen not using for a long time, remove the plug from the outlet107.45 kWh40.1
Gas stoveAdjust so that the flame does not protrude from the bottom of the panGas 2.38 rice5.4
Bath water heaterBathing is not spacedGas 38.20 Rice87.0
Bath water heaterDo not leave shower unnecessarilyGas 12.78 rice
Water service 4.38 rice
Warm water washing toilet seatClose the lid when not in use34.9 kWh13.0
Warm water washing toilet seatTemperature of toilet seat heating lowered26.40 kWh9.8
Warm water washing toilet seatReduce the temperature of washing water13. 80 kWh5.1
Washing machineWash the laundry togetherElectricity 58.8 kWh
Water supply 16.75 rice
Vacuum cleanerClean up the room and then vacuum it5.45 kWh2.0
Vacuum cleanerReplace the dust collection pack as needed1.55 kWh0.6
AutomobileFluffy accelerator "e start"Gasoline 83.57 L194.0
AutomobileIdling stopGasoline 17.33 L40.2
Total  622.3

Efforts concerning energy so far

Niseko Town New Energy Vision (Prepared in February 2004)

We aim to promote the systematic and systematic introduction of new energy, actively contribute to the national global warming countermeasure and energy policy from the regional level, as well as to promote regional promotion of Honcho, We have formulated a new energy-vision.


Niseko Town Energy Conservation Vision (Prepared in February 2005)

With a view to the natural environment and global environment of Niseko Town, to address environmental issues and protect and nurture the existing natural environment, the Niseko Town environment and the introduction of new energy Based on this, the Ministry of Regional Affairs will promote systematically and systematically in energy conservation, reduce energy consumption from the local level, contribute to the nation's measures against global warming, and use limited resources effectively. Energy vision has been formulated.

Niseko Town Energy Conservation Vision (Priority Theme) (Created in February 2006)

As one of the actions toward realization of energy saving - vision, we devised measures to realize energy conservation and formulated a detailed emphasis vision emphasizing the introduction of energy saving technology.

Investigation of Niseko Town Micro Hydroelectric Power Generation Site (Created in November 2011)

As part of efforts to clean energy use as a regional resource, based on the results of the "2010 Green of decentralization reform promotion business", Niseko Town to investigate the possibility of micro-hydropower in, for going to introduce We have formulated a plan.

Eco-year agriculture establishment project by geothermal use

Niseko Town, in order to promote the possibility of winter agriculture and promote low carbon emissions in 2011, a geothermal heat pump was installed in an agricultural greenhouse and cultivation experiments were conducted on green vegetables and other vegetables during the winter.
We introduced a geothermal heat heat pump (50 borehole, 2 horizontal loops, 3 HP 10 kw 3) into the highly insulated agricultural vinyl house of 50 tsubo, cultivate spinach, komatsuna and mizuna, and influence the house due to snow cover We conducted a demonstration experiment on heating with a medium heat heat pump. As a result, there were no house defects due to snow covering, and it was possible to confirm a significant reduction in running cost, and although there are problems such as initial cost, we could demonstrate the possibility of low carbonization and winter agriculture It was.
In addition, this project is being implemented utilizing the Independence Activation Promotion Grant Project such as depopulated regions of the country.
The report of the survey project can be viewed from the following materials.

Wood biomass demonstration feasibility study

Niseko Town, in 2013, the heavy oil boiler for hot water supply and heating at the hot spring facility "Kiranoyu" will be converted to a woody biomass boiler, which will reduce fossil fuel consumption, reduce fuel costs, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. A feasibility study was conducted to reduce the volume.
In considering, we established examination committees by experts and stakeholders and examined operational issues and others.
Based on consultation at the committee, it was summarized as a report.
The report can also be viewed at the office building planning environmental section (open time 8: 30 ~ 17: 15) and the townspeople learning center "Asobuku".

Heisei era FY2009 energy structure upgrade / conversion Understanding promotion project

Calculation of CO2 emissions and reduction amount in FY2007, Environmental quality system for the second action plan (FY 31 ~ 35), Promotion method of environmental tax, Promotion of low carbonization in transportation field, agriculture and industrial field We gathered case examples of the method.
In addition, we implemented energy conservation facilities in public facilities, promoted reengineering in tourism fields, energy conversion, survey study projects and study sessions aimed at individual town residents' efforts.
Specifically, we organized the idea of ​​energy in the new government building, energy diagnosis for tourism operators, holding study group, survey study for establishing regional new electric power, eco night cafe and footpath.

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