Development status of the Hokkaido Shinkansen

The Hokkaido Shinkansen is one of the "Shinkansen railways" stipulated by the National Shinkansen Railway Improvement Law, and extends to approximately 360 km from Shin-Aomori station of Tohoku Shinkansen to Sapporo station.

On March 26, 2016, approximately 148km between Shin-Aomori and Shin-Hakodate Hokuto opened, and construction is proceeding toward the opening of the end of 2030 about 212km from Shin-Hakodate Hokuto to Sapporo.

On the Hokkaido Shinkansen, Okutama Yamabe Station in Aomori Prefecture, Hokkaido's Kikkunai Station, Hokuto-shi New Hakodate Hokuto Station, Shin Yakumo (tentative name) station, Nagamantibe station, Kutchan station, New Otaru (tentative name) station , The installation of 8 stations in Sapporo station is scheduled.

The railway facilities of the Hokkaido Shinkansen are scheduled to be lent to JR Hokkaido after the railway construction and transportation facility maintenance support organization orders and proceed with maintenance, and JR Hokkaido is the marketing entity and will operate.

The situation of maintenance of the Hokkaido Shinkansen

The maintenance status of the current Hokkaido Shinkansen can be checked on the following site.

Railway & Transportation Organization


Niseko Town situation in the

Niseko Town, construction of the Kombu Tunnel (extension = 10,410m) passing through the foot of Mt. Preparations for excavation of the Yotei Tunnel (extension = 9,750 m), which goes through the river, are under preparation for digging. In addition, various surveys, land surveys, and design of the light section (bridge) are underway.

1) Kelp Tunnel (Keizai) Other construction

Construction contentsTunnel construction (extension 4,800m)
* From the Katsuradai area to the Miyata area (joint with the kelp tunnel (Miyata))
Construction period2013 December 13 -2022 March 12
Entrusted business operatorIron, Aisawa, Fukutsu, Nishie JV
(事務所)磯谷郡蘭越町昆布町324-2 TEL 0136-54-2460
SituationTunnel excavation work under construction from December, Heisei 20

・ Rangoecho Kawakami area
・ Katsuradai area

2) Kelp Tunnel (Miyata) Other construction

Construction contentsTunnel construction (extension = 5,610m)
* Character Miyata direction (Kohanai area) → Character Katsuradai direction (joint with kelp tunnel (Katsuradai))
Construction periodFebruary 27, Heisei 27 - May 26, Heisei 35
Entrusted business operatorKajima, Oyo, Miyasaka, Arai JV
(事務所)ニセコ町字有島5-1(望羊団地むかい)TEL 0136-43-2866
SituationSafety prayer ceremony held on November 21, 2015, construction started on the same month

・ Miyata area
・Kurokawa area already imported
・ Niseko area

3) Niseko Tunnel and Other Construction

Construction contentsTunnel construction (extension = 2,270m)
※ To the Miyata direction (Kobanai) → To the character village direction
Construction periodFrom March 3, 2017 to 2021 August 2
Entrusted business operatorHiroshima, Ootake, Saito, Shiraki JV
(事務所)ニセコ町字本通258-1(下水道管理センター裏)TEL 0136-55-5943
SituationDecember 2017Construction of office and dormitory behind Niseko Town Sewerage Management Center
Safety prayer ceremony on July 5, Heisei 30, construction started on the same month

・Arishima area already imported
・ Fukui area
・Nishitomi district is being brought in
・Kondo area being delivered

4) Yousei Tunnel (Arishima Industrial Zone) Other construction

Construction contentsTunnel construction (extension = 4,181m)
* Character Satomi direction → Kutchan-cho Takasago direction (joined with Yotei tunnel (Hirao))
Construction period2020 degree -2023 degree plan
Entrusted business operatorKumagaya / Fudo Tetra / Miyasaka / Hashimotogawa Island JV
(事務所)ニセコ町字富士見162-1(ニセコ中学校横)TEL 0136-55-6461
Situation2021 of drilling scheduled to start (2020 moderate during the prior mechanical loading prior drilling)
Office and dormitory construction beside Niseko Junior High School in the first 2019

・ Toyosato district (owned land around the final disposal site)
*Construction quantity: Embankment approx.
※ construction period: Prepare Engineering 2020 from October to 2021 in July (2020 in the Lord logging and mowing)
Embankment work Reiwa August 2021 to Rewa March 6th
Finishing work April 6th to November November 6th

Briefing materials on tunnel construction soil

到達立抗掘削土 水質モニタリング調査結果報告書

5) Light (bridge) construction

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JR Hokkaido

Railway / Transportation Organization (Shinkansen construction ordering agency)

The Niseko Railway Construction Office (Niseko Office) of the Railway / Transport Organization has been established!

In October, the Niseko railway construction site (office / lodging house) of the railroad and transportation organization was established.
Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding things related to the Hokkaido Shinkansen or daily construction!

◇ Railway Construction and Transport Facilities Improvement Support Organization (Railway and Transportation Organization)
Hokkaido Shinkansen Construction Bureau Niseko Railway Construction Office
〒048-1501 Niseko Town character Fujimi 161-1 (diagonally opposite the sports park baseball field)
 TEL 0136-43-2800 FAX 0136-43-2900 

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