Pet / pest control

Dog registration and rabies preventive injection

Dogs older than 91 days of age are obliged to register and rabies preventive injection once a year. To the already registered owner, we send a notice of periodic collective injection of rabies preventive injection once a year. If you keep a new dog or if you can not receive collective injections, please receive it at the nearest animal hospital.


Dog registration1 case 3,000 yen (once in a lifetime)
Rabies prevention shot injected votes1 item 550 yen
Writing reissue1 case 1,600 yen
Rabies prevention Injected re-issued ballotOne case 340 yen
Note: If you keep a new dog, if your dog dies, you need to proceed if you move in (moving in / out) etc.

Cremation of dogs and cats

If your dog or cat dies, as there are no cremation facilities in the town, please contact the nearest pet cemetery.

Nearest pet cemetery

Facility NameStreet addressTEL:
Otaru Pet CemeteryAsahigawa Onsen Hot Spring, Otaru City 1-56 (Kanchoji Temple)0134-52-1187
Shimpet pet cemetery "Hill of flowers"Kutchan Town letter Iwaobari 440136-22-5940

Dog control and dog sweeping

Niseko Town Dog and Dog Control and Wild Dog Sweeping Ordinances, we have set a period to carry out wild dog sweeping. Your dog should be moored on a regular basis.


We do not lend out bee protective clothing since FY 2007. If you want to disinfect, please ask the following businesses. The charge will be borne by you.
Business nameStreet addressTEL:
Elderly business associationNiseko Town people center - in the0136-44-2584
Kyowa General ManagementKutchan0136-23-2054
Note: Price varies depending on work content etc. Please inquire each company for details.

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