Maintenance of optical fiber

Optical fiber network maintenance area map

Outline of optical fiber maintenance

In the town, with the assistance of the country, we have developed an optical fiber network for Fogoso, Niseko · Higashiyama in 2004 and lend it to private communication operators to provide ultra high-speed Internet communication service (A ).
(Added in December 2020) A in the figure was transferred to a private telecommunications carrier at the end of June 2020.
In addition, in 2008, optical fiber was maintained by private communications carriers in a part of the suburbs of the Shiribetsu River, and ultra high-speed Internet communication service became available (B in the figure).
Then, in 2011, with the assistance of the state, by arranging fiber optic networks in Kono Kondo · Yotei · Satomi · Miyada · Bucheon · Kurokawa · Fukui · Nishigomi · Keihodai and lending it to private communication operators, Heisei Beginning February 21, 2011 we began offering ultra high-speed Internet communication services (C1 and C2 in the figure).



Attention 1

Please pay attention to malicious commercial law which sells related goods and services based on erroneous information on light broadband and insufficient information. If you find a suspicious situation, please consult with the police office.

Attention 2

In the area where the optical fiber was installed in 2004 (A in the figure), as the number of users in recent years has increased, the usable limit of the installed optical fiber has become full, so that a place where new optical fiber can not be used Occurred. If you are planning to use a new Internet connection in this area, please check with the carrier in advance.
Telecommunications carrier: NTT East Japan - Hokkaido
Phone number: 116
(Weekdays 10am to 6pm)

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