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Poisoning of a human urination

We are planning a collection plan for each district, collecting up to 3 times per household between April and December.
For the planning collection, the collecting month is decided for each community association etc., and the business person sequentially collects from the applied home.

business person

Tsukagoshi Industry Co.Ltd
Niseko Town character Fujimi 150

Universe Collection Fee

Basic charge (up to 360 liters)3,384円
Excess charge (over 360 liters)1リットルあたり9.4円
  • Including consumption tax and local consumption tax
The collected and transported night soil and septic tank sludge are jointly established by four towns and villages in Kutchan, Niseko Town, Makkari, Rusutsu, Kibetsu, and Kyogoku, to form the `` Yotei Sanroku Environmental Sanitation Association '' and treat it there. You.
Click the following URL for the homepage of the Yotei Sanitation Environmental Health Association.

Merger treatment septic tank maintenance project subsidy

Promote the installation of combined treatment septic tanks that can treat both domestic wastewater and toilet sewage in undeveloped areas such as sewers, to prevent pollution in public water areas, to protect the living environment, and to protect public health. For the purpose of improvement, we are conducting a merger processing septic tank installation and maintenance business.
Note: Please be aware that you can not receive assistance if you do construction work of the septic tank before making auxiliary decision.


Person tank classificationSwitch from scoop type toilet or single septic tank
5 people bath73万5千円
7 people bath90万円
10 people bath126万円
  • 住宅としての建物で汲み取りや単独処理浄化槽から合併処理浄化槽に切り替える場合に、補助金を交付します。(補助要件有り)
  • 補助金の額は、本体設置工事費の60%以内の額とし、人槽別の限度額は上の表のとおりです。

Note 1: Conditions for receiving subsidy

  • 個人の住宅に設置する合併浄化槽であること。(別荘は対象になりません。)
  • Must be 10 people or less
  • Niseko Town if it were a peopleLived in Niseko Town over 5 years after transferTo do (Necessary to move address)
  • Be outside the treatment area of ​​public sewerage and agricultural settlement wastewater treatment facility
  • Construction according to construction standards stipulated by the town
  • To be construction by a business operator having septic tank equipment
  • Approval of the notification of the Septic tank law or application for confirmation by the Building Standard Law is permitted
  • 現在、汲み取りか単独処理浄化槽を使用しており、合併処理浄化槽へ切り替えるもの
  • Not being a residential house for sale
  • Do not be delinquent public utility charges such as town tax and water fee etc
  • Please be aware that if you start construction before the “Subsidy Grant Notification” (issued after the subsidy application), you will not be eligible for subsidy.
  • ◎ 合併処理浄化槽の設置された家屋の建て替え・増築する場合の既設合併処理浄化槽の更新・改築については、対象外になります。
  • ☆令和6年度浄化槽設置整備事業の概要は、次のところからダウンロードできます。


Various procedure of the septic tank

In case of a change etc., please file it promptly.

Submit to

ニセコ町役場 町民生活課 町民生活係
at a time like thisThings to submit
When starting useActivation report
When the administrator changesAdministrator change report
When discontinuedDiscontinuation report

Maintaining the septic tank

The septic tank will lose its function unless it maintains proper maintenance and it will harm the environment such as deterioration of water quality and generation of offensive odor. In order to maintain proper maintenance, it is necessary to perform the following legal inspection, maintenance inspection, cleaning, etc.

Legal inspection of Hokkaido septic tank association

Article 7 inspection (water quality inspection after installation)

After 3 months of use, we will conduct an inspection to confirm that the septic tank is functioning properly.

Article 11 inspection (regular inspection)

Every year, we conduct inspections to confirm that maintenance and cleaning are properly implemented.

Inspection fee

Person to be treatedArticle 7 InspectionArticle 11 Inspection
5 to 20 people12,000 yen13,000 yen\6,0008,000 yen
21 to 50 people16,000 yen17,000 yen¥ 10,00012,000 yen
51 to 100 people20,000 Yen20,000 Yen12,000 yen13,000 yen
101 to 300 people¥ 30,00020,000 Yen
301 to 500 people40,000 yen¥ 30,000
501 people50,000 yen¥ 42,000

Maintenance inspection / cleaning etc.


Maintenance and inspection

It is a work to investigate the operation status of the unit equipment and accessories of the septic tank, the operation condition of the whole facility and the quality of discharged water, etc., to find out abnormality and breakdown at an early stage and to take precautionary measures.


We will draw out sludge etc. inside the septic tank, adjust the sludge etc. inside the tank, clean and clean the unit equipment of accessory equipment and proper treatment of the sludge drawn out.
Note: Since the amount may not be up-to-date, please contact the Hokkaido Septic tank Association or maintenance inspection company for details.

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