Niseko Town Infant Center "Kiratto"

Niseko Town Infant Center "Kiratto"




Thank you.

● Fever, cough, etc. in the family living together in addition to the kindergarten children
If you feel unwell, please refrain from going to the park.

● When entering the infant center, continue to wear a mask
Thank you for your cooperation in alcohol disinfection.

● 体調確認のため、登園時に健康観察を行います。


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Niseko Town Infant Center "Kiratto"


Outside play scene

It is a child rearing facility in the area integrating the three functions of kindergarten, nursery school, regional child rearing support.
Early childhood education and nursing care according to the age of children, development.
We will strive to create an environment that nurtures children while working together with families, schools, related organizations in the area, etc.
 Short time nurseriesLong-term childcare
CapacityNo. 1 certified 45 peopleNo. 2 certified 88 people
No. 3 certified 47
Target age3 years old ~ 5 years old child0-year old child (6 months) ~ 5 years old
RequirementPeople other than the ones on the rightPerson who falls under the reason (1) requiring childcare
Childcare time8: 30 - 13: 30: Normal childcare (Requests are kept at 16:30, up to 10 times per month.)7: 30-8: 30: Outside childcare (childcare standard time only) (Note 2)
8: 30 - 16: 30: Basic childcare
From 16:30 to 18:30: Outside childcare (childcare standard time only) (Note 2)
HolidayClosed on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, year-end and New Year summer, winter and springSundays, public holidays, year-end and New Year holidays (cooperation childcare on Saturday)
School lunchComplete lunchComplete lunch (with a snack)


Nursery education goals

Kirari Kagayaku ☆ Clever child ☆ bright child ☆ Genki child

Day of infant center

time0-2 years old child3 to 5 year old children 【long-term type】3-5 years old 【Short time type】
7:30Early morning childcare child dormitoryEarly morning childcare child dormitory 
8:30Normal childcare sequential entry
Handling of belongings
Normal childcare sequential entry
Handling of belongings
Free play
Sequential garden
Handling of belongings
Free play
9:30Treats (1 year old only)
Free play
Walk, sand, muddy,
Rhythm, picture, production etc.
Childcare by class
Free play
Walk, sand, muddy, rhythm, picture, production etc.
Childcare by class
Free play
Walk, sand, muddy, rhythm, picture, production etc.
11:20Preparation for lunch  
11:30School lunchPreparation for lunchPreparation for lunch
12:00 School lunchSchool lunch
13:00napnapPreparation for grazing
13:30  Paradise
15:00Waking up, snack, free playGet up, clean up the bedding
Snack, free play
(Child care childcare)
13: 00-16: 30
16:30Late childcareLate childcare 
※ 0 year old children will be care for nursing according to life rhythm.

Main annual events at the infant center

【 4月】 入園式・PTA総会
【 5月】 おたすけまんの会
【 6月】 春の遠足・親子見学旅行(4~5歳児)
【 7月】 七夕・お泊り保育(5歳児)
【 9月】 運動会・秋の遠足・登山(5歳児)
【10月】 焼き芋パーティ・見学旅行(5歳児)
【11月】 おたすけまんの会・発表会(3~5歳児)
【12月】 もちつき会・クリスマス会
【 2月】 節分
【 3月】 ひな祭り・リズム参観日・お別れ会・卒園式

* In addition to the above, birthday party and evacuation drills are held every month.
We hold individual talks, class talks, nursery attendance and theater several times a year.

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Child-rearing support center "Osama"

Niseko Town Local Child Care Support Center “Ohisama” is also provided.
For details, please see the following page.

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