Parenting map

Mothers raising children in Niseko Town have created what they want now. List of parks and hospitals that can be enjoyed with young children, and places to consult with. Please refer to it.
  • Kindergarten
  • Hospital information
  • Breastfeeding consultation
  • Park / hot spring information
  • Mind and body care for mother
  • Niseko Town in the map near map etc.

From creator 'Oshika Club' ~ After finishing editing ~

While referring to the previous thing, I added information that allows my mother to take childcare refreshed. By making a map, we were able to know new information as well. I hope that everyone can enjoy child-rearing.

Distribution location

Child-rearing maps are distributed at the Newborn Visit, Infant Health Examination, and Child Care Support Center "Hoshima".

Inquiries regarding information on this page

Niseko Town Local Child Care Support Center