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Usage fees

Monthly ¥ 6,000 (Account automatic withdrawal: Hokkaido Shinkin Bank Niseko Branch account only handling.)
  • If two or more children are to be used from the same household, the second child will be exempted for half of the monthly fee, after the third child. In addition, if a child of a semi-detached parent / guardian's household uses it, the first child will be exempted for half of the monthly fee and the younger second child will be exempted.
  • 2020 have been using the Niseko children Museum until March, 2021 who also used the degree has been determined again of the account registration process, you do not need.
  • また、利用料金とは別に、保護者の会では行事に使う教材費などの負担のほか親子レク等を実施しています。保護者の会は利用児童全員の保護者に入っていただいております。会の会費は偶数月にまとめて引き落とし(手数料110円含む)をさせていただきます(兄弟割引はありません)。

Terms of use

Parents (all adults living together) apply to the following conditions.
  • I always work at home outside the house and I can not do childcare
  • Apart from your child you always work at other than day-to-day chores and you can not do childcare
  • Because I am pregnant or have no childbirth, I can not do childcare
  • I am under medical treatment due to illness or injury, I have trouble with my body and mind and I can not do childcare
  • I always care for my relatives living together with sickness and physical and mental disabilities and I can not get nursery
  • We are in the process of restoring disasters such as earthquake disaster and can not do childcare


Usage judgment

The submitted documents will be examined to determine the students to use. Note that you may not be able to use the service if you do not meet the usage conditions.

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