Environment model city (measures against global warming)

What is environment model city

"Environmental Model City" means a city that is challenging pioneering efforts with a high goal set to achieve a low-carbon society in order to concretely show the state of the low-carbon society that Japan should aim for in the future Is selected as the "environmental model city" by the government.
Initially, 13 cities were selected in Heisei 20, and after the Great East Japan Earthquake, energy issues are closing up, seven cities were planned in 2012 in order to further spread the efforts of low carbon city making nationwide Three cities (including Niseko-cho) have been selected.
In selected cities, we aim to realize regional models that maximize regional resources, cross-sectoral and cross-subject barriers, to achieve both low-carbon sustainability and sustainable development.

In planning the second Niseko town environmental model city action plan

We selected outsourcing companies with public offering proposals.
This is a survey report as of October 2018 on the town worker's workshop in July 2018, questionnaire, residents' briefing session in September, the formulation policy summarized by analyzing the past efforts situation. We will compile as final report while receiving further opinions from everyone in the future.

Efforts of environmental model city 【First action plan】

Background to selection of environment model city

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