Eco-Model City (global warming countermeasures)

Eco-Model City?

“Eco-Model City” is a pioneering effort to set a high goal for the realization of a low-carbon society in order to clearly show the low-carbon society that Japan should aim for in the future. The city has been selected by the government as "Eco-Model City".
Initially, 13 cities were selected in 2008, and after the Great East Japan Earthquake, energy issues are getting closer, and 7 cities in 2012 and 2013 Three cities (including Niseko Town) have been selected.
In selected cities, we aim to realize regional models that maximize regional resources, cross-sectoral and cross-subject barriers, to achieve both low-carbon sustainability and sustainable development.

We devised the second Niseko Town Eco-Model City Action Plan

We have formulated the second Niseko Town Eco-Model City Action Plan. This project aims not only to reduce greenhouse gases, but also to solve local issues and better shape the lives of townspeople. Therefore, the overall goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions is to combine the lifestyles of local residents, the local economy, and sustainability with the goal of "balancing economic activity per person and reducing greenhouse gas emissions."
By promoting this plan, we will build a foundation for "Sustainable Development that satisfies the needs of future generations while also satisfying the needs of current generations" and aim to become a local government that is truly suitable as an "Eco-model city."
Second action plan
Second action plan pamphlet

The process of formulating the second Niseko Town Eco-Model City Action Plan

We selected outsourcing companies with public offering proposals.
This is a survey report as of October 2018 on the town worker's workshop in July 2018, questionnaire, residents' briefing session in September, the formulation policy summarized by analyzing the past efforts situation. We will compile as final report while receiving further opinions from everyone in the future.

About inspection of the second Niseko Town Eco-Model City action plan (draft)

With the end of the first Niseko Town Eco-Model City Action Plan (FY2014-FY2018), in order to not only work on reducing greenhouse gases, but also resolve local issues and shape the lives of townspeople more, we are looking for opinions on developing the 2nd Niseko Town Eco-Model City Action Plan (draft) for the next 5 years from next year.
[Plan to formulate] The second Niseko Town Eco-Model City Action Plan
【Period of Inspection】 From February 12 (Tue) Heisei 31 to February 25 (Monday) 17 o'clock Heisei 31
[Inspection place]Niseko Town Office Planning and Environment Section
【Opinion acceptance period】 From February 12 (Tuesday) to February 25 (Monday) 17 o'clock Heisei 31
[Send opinions]Niseko Town Office Planning and Environment Section Email: kankyo-e atmark
[Publication of submitted opinion items]Niseko Town Hall Planning and Environment Section, Friday, March 1, 2019

Result of opinion hearing

We announce result of hearing about "the second Niseko Town Eco-Model City action plan (plan)" that we carried out from Tuesday, February 12, 2019 to Monday, February 25, 2019.

Additional commentary materials

We will publish additional commentary materials including glossary explanations requested for hearing opinions.

Initiatives for the second Niseko Town Eco-Model City Action Plan

Challenge for next-generation ultra-energy-saving facilities.
Public office new government building

In the construction of the new town hall, the thickness of the heat insulating material was increased at the time of design, the window performance was improved, and high heat insulation and high airtightness of the frame were considered. This minimized the heat demand of the building.
In order to minimize the heat demand, we will introduce a cogeneration system that uses LP gas as fuel to supply both heat and electricity, and supply energy efficiently.
The new government building will be constructed to 2020 degree (FY2020) and will be used from 2021 degree (FY2021) in May.

Examination of town development with short travel distance

[Is it necessary to create a town with a short travel distance? ]
"A town with a short moving distance" included in the action plan. It is also described as a "town that can be walked around" or a "compact town." Why does Niseko Town need to be compact? And is it really necessary?
In November and October 2019, with Mr. Atsushi Murakami as the lecturer, ``Niseko Town should be prepared for from the environmental crisis occurring around the world and the future forecast of the town, focusing on the case of Zermatt, an environmental city in Switzerland, etc. We held town development townsman lecture about "thing".
[Living without a car]
If you live at Niseko Town, you can hardly imagine `` living without a car '', but since Zermatt banned the driving of ordinary cars in 1931, it has refused to invite cars to the town . "Only commercial vehicles run in the city, all of which are low-speed electric cars made by local artisans. The city is compact and within walking distance of all services, shopping, schools, hospitals, hotels and eateries. -I learned that there is such a town, and participants and opinions from the viewpoint of "What can be used for the future of Niseko Town" and "Is a town with a short travel distance necessary?" Replaced.
[Thinking about the future of the town]
“Creating a town with a short travel distance” is a grand theme of rethinking the structure of the town itself, and it is very difficult because various merits and demerits are assumed. However, in order to create a sustainable Niseko Town, discussions must be advanced one step at a time without delaying discussions.
In the wake of the town development course for the townspeople in November, the government office set up a team to study each section. From various viewpoints such as infrastructure, facility layout, and ordinances, we will examine the issues and directions for “City development with short travel distances”. In the future, we would like to deepen the discussion with the townspeople while showing the platform for discussions by this study team.
[Video digest]

Consideration for establishing a regional energy company

Niseko Town's greenhouse gas reduction goals and basic goals to achieve both the revitalization of economic activities per person and the suppression of greenhouse gas emissions, concrete measures to actually reduce CO2 emissions. It is necessary to have an entity that implements and returns the profits obtained therefrom in some way to the region.
At first, even in a small start, we will accumulate know-how through business operations such as electric heat supply, and in the future, grow into a business entity that implements strong measures with a sense of speed in close proximity to the area, so that the town should be what it should be The realization of the realization becomes possible.
This year, the Niseko Town Regional Energy Utilization Review Council was established to discuss the establishment of a regional energy company and its contents, and has been conducting investigations and studies on the launch of a regional energy company.
 ScheduleMain agenda
1st2019年7月1日Description of process, open call for partners
Part 22019年8月28日Selection of partner operators
3rdNovember 18, 2019Interim report on business plan

Replacement with energy-saving home appliances

Niseko Town, greenhouse gas emissions from the residential sector account for about 20% of the total. It is also said that greenhouse gas emissions from electricity use are high in the household sector. This time, based on the results of the questionnaire survey, we have created a pamphlet that includes measures that you can work on immediately.
Jump frets (action)
Niseko Jump Fret (Action Edition)

Ordinance to promote proper use of Niseko Town


Initiatives for the first Eco-Model City action plan

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