Eco-Model City planning, etc.

Niseko Town formulated the Niseko Town Eco-Model City Action Plan in March 2015 to maximize the use of local resources and lead the realization of a regional model that achieves both low-carbon and sustainable development. Did.
By promoting efforts based on this action plan, we will aim for not only global warming countermeasures, but also comprehensive environmental policies and international environmental resort areas that are aligned with the world.

Niseko Town Eco-Model City Action Plan

Follow up materials

Eco-Model City is being followed up every year.
For follow-up, Niseko Town compiled a follow-up article in, Niseko Town advice and Cabinet Office installation of the Environmental Council Eco-Model City we have implemented in the form to receive a review by the working group.

○ The description of each style is as follows.

[Evaluation results of each year's efforts in the style 1 Eco-Model City]
· Self-evaluated efforts in each city in each year from the following 5 perspectives in 5 stages.
A: Progress of the initiative (reflecting the contents of Form 2)
B: Greenhouse gas reduction / absorption (reflecting the contents of Form 3)
C: Creating regional vitality
D: Regional ideas · citizenship
E: Promotion and spread of initiatives
· For the radar charts described in the summary column, the evaluation is shown.
・ In the lower right corner, “Review points of the Eco-Model City working group” are described in “Points to be evaluated of the efforts and issues for the next fiscal year and beyond based on them”.

【Form 2 Progress Report on Individual Project】
Each city compared self-evaluation of a) ~ d) by the following classification by comparing the progress of the plan of the main project in the action plan and the progress situation of the project.
a) Add to the plan / ahead of the plan / implement deeply, b) Almost as planned c) Being behind the plan d) We are not working.
Evaluation of this style is reflected in the progress of Form 1A: Efforts.

【Style 3 Report on greenhouse gas emissions etc】
Trends in greenhouse gas emissions in each city, trends in greenhouse gas absorption, greenhouse gas reductions through efforts in a single year, etc. are stated.
This style is reflected in Style 1B: greenhouse gas reduction / absorption volume.

Heisei 28

Heisei 20

Heisei 20

Eco-Model City Interview Article

In 2015, an article was introduced in the Cabinet Office project to introduce the initiatives of Eco-Model City Niseko Town.
Articles about other Eco-Model City and environmentally futuristic cities are also available on the following website operated by the Cabinet Office.

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