Efforts of J-Credit

With the support of the Hokkaido Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, Niseko Town has received donations of J-credit (CO2 reduction) from three private companies in Hokkaido. Radio Niseko's management will make up for the CO2 emitted by J-Credits, publicize it as an environmentally friendly facility to the townspeople, and widely disseminate Niseko Town's initiatives through Radio Niseko's broadcast.

Donation company

"Alphabetical order"
  • 大丸株式会社(札幌市)
  • Tsuraya Tourism Development Corporation (Kushiro-shi)
  • Kita Electric General Design Co., Ltd. (Sapporo City)

Presentation ceremony

Date and time: June 5, Heisei (Monday) [Environment Day]
You can listen to the radio broadcast of Niseko that you went on after the ceremony ceremony.

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