Niseko Town Environmental Impact Reduction Model Apartment Housing Development Promotion Project

[Available at any time] Part of the construction cost of private rental housing will be subsidized

Niseko Town, from April 2018, private rental housing has been established in the town to improve the performance of private rental housing and to create a good quality and good rental housing stock for the maintenance and improvement of a sustainable living environment. We assist a part of the cost to individual or corporation to build.

Subsidy amount

Within 20% of subsidized expenses (Maximum 1.5 million yen / door)
However, in the case of construction by an oversea business operator, 80%

Subject recipient

(1) Individuals or corporations that newly build private rental housing
(2) Municipal taxes and individuals or corporations that do not delinquish utility fees to be paid to municipalities
(3) Those who are not members of organized crime groups prescribed in Article 2, item 2 to item 5 of the Act on Prevention of Unjust Acts by Boryokudan (Act No. 77 of 1991)
(4) Those who do not belong to an organization or the like that conducts violent destruction activities prescribed in Article 4 of the Act on Prevention of Destruction Act (Act No. 240 of 1952)

Main requirements of target housing

· A joint housing or a tenement house that leases by concluding more than 4 lease contracts per building
· The floor area of ​​each door is 60 m 2 or more
· The outer skin performance is UA value 0.38 w / m 2 k or less
· Primary energy consumption grade is grade 4 or higher
· Weight floor impact noise countermeasure is item accuracy grade 2 or equivalent Slab thickness 11 cm Equivalent degree
· Light floor impact noise countermeasure is item rating grade 3 or equivalent Slab thickness equivalent to about 15 cm
· Sound insulation performance of DT 50 or more
Equivalent clearance area is C value 1.0 cm 2 / m 2 or less
· The upper limit of the rent is less than 0.8 / 100 of the construction cost per door
· Secure one or more parking spaces per one door
· Providing a store of 3.3 m 2 or more per door
· To manage for ten years from the date of subsidy delivery

Reception period

(1) Application period for prior consultation on grant application
It will be accepted at any time until the budget amount is reached.
(2) Reception hours
Every day except Saturday, Sunday, and holiday 8:30 am to 5:15 pm

Procedure flow

Niseko Town Environmental Impact Reduction Model Apartment House Procedure Flow

Outline / style etc.

Business performance

The outline of rental housing constructed using this project is as follows.

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