Addressing climate change issues

2050 CO2 emissions are virtually zero (Niseko Town Climate Emergency Declaration)


2020.7.21 Mayor declares climate emergency in Niseko Town

In recent years, global warming has progressed rapidly and many serious weather disasters have occurred. Regarding the greenhouse gas, which is a major factor in this, a special report released by the IPCC (UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) in 2018 stated that ``temperature rise is twice To reduce the risk to 1.5 degrees, it is necessary to reduce emissions to virtually zero by 2050."
To achieve these goals, Niseko Town also announced in July 2020 (2020) that it would be necessary to fully recognize that climate change is in a critical situation, and then by 2050 We have announced that we aim to achieve virtually zero carbon emissions (zero carbon).
Going forward, efforts will be made from both "mitigation" to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and "adaptation" to adjust the nature and society in response to the effects of climate change that are already occurring or may occur. We will consider and implement it.
* You can download it below "Niseko Town Climate Emergency Declaration"


 気候変動への対処を明確にし、町民の暮らしや産業への影響をできる限り緩和し、将来にわったって暮らしを持続することができるよう取り組むため、「ニセコ町気候変動適応方針」 (以下「方針」という。) を策定し、本 町の考え方を明らかにする 。



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