History of selecting an Eco-Model City

Niseko Town Hokkaido, was selected by the country as an "Eco-Model City"

On March 6, 2014, the Secretariat of the Cabinet Secretariat Regional Revitalization and Integration Secretariat notified the results of the selection of an "Eco-Model City", and Niseko Town was selected as an "Eco-Model City".
Niseko Town, this up to be the 5th Niseko Town set the "Environmental creative city," the theme in the comprehensive plan, but we have been working on a variety of measures, the Eco-Model City to promote the further efforts of the selection in the wake I will come.

Eco-Model City?

“ Eco-Model City ” is a pioneering effort to set a high goal for the realization of a low-carbon society in order to clearly show the low-carbon society that Japan should aim for in the future. The city has been selected by the government as "Eco-Model City".
Initially, 13 cities were selected in 2008, and after the Great East Japan Earthquake, energy issues are getting closer, and 7 cities in 2012 and 2013 Three cities (including Niseko Town) have been selected.
In selected cities, we aim to realize regional models that maximize regional resources, cross-sectoral and cross-subject barriers, to achieve both low-carbon sustainability and sustainable development.

Selection result

To date, 20 cities have been selected, and 3 cities including Niseko Town have been newly selected this time, and a total of 23 cities have been selected as Eco-Model City.

The newly selected city

  • Niseko Town(Hokkaido)
  • Ikoma-shi (Nara)
  • Oguni-machi (Kumamoto Prefecture)

Niseko Town Proposals

Niseko Town's proposals are "low-carbon town development centering on the heat field", "promotion of sustainable tourism", "cross-cutting of tourism and the environment", and "spread of energy saving and renewable energy in townsman life". , The spread of renewable energy in agriculture and industry, and the realization of Niseko Smart Community Niseko.
By doing this, we aim for CO2 emissions in fiscal 2050 to be minus 86% higher than the national target of minus 80% compared to 1990.
Also, in selecting, "It is a highly feasible proposal taking advantage of the high environmental consciousness of the townspeople and regional characteristics, and we can expect a leading initiative as a tourist city."

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