New Government Building Construction

We are working on the new government building construction

The current government office building is reinforced concrete on the current ground of Fujimi, the first basement floor and the ground floor in 1974, the year of the 70th anniversary of the opening of the foundation in 1974, three years after the town name was changed from `` Katamachi '' to ``Niseko Town'' It was built as a new two-story government building.
Since then, for nearly half a century, it has played a role as a base for town development in Niseko Town, but since its age of 50 years has passed and its age has been remarkable, its function as a base for disaster prevention activities in the event of an emergency There is a concern that it cannot be fulfilled, and urgent maintenance of a government building that can serve as a disaster prevention base is an issue.
In addition, the improvement of facilities that take into consideration the convenience of the next agency, such as improvement of narrowness and comfort of working environment, barrier-free response, is desired.
The contents of the past activities are as follows.

basic design

final design

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