One Village One Energy Project

About Business Certification of Ichimura One Energy Project

I applied for the Heisei Fuji Family Friendly Family Energy Project of Hokkaido that I was recruiting at the following business contents and I am pleased to inform you that I received business certification this time.

One Village One Energy Project

It is a project aimed at supporting municipalities and companies and others to form a consortium (community) and to support efforts to revitalize the region with efforts to promote energy conservation and new energy utilizing regional resources.

Business name

  • Eco-Model City Niseko Town Onsen waste water utilization project

Business purpose

We will take thermal energy from the unused energy of the town hot spring facility "hot spring hot water" by heat exchange and reuse it for hot water supply etc. to reduce fossil fuel and CO2 emissions.

Efforts Promotion Entity

  • Niseko Town Onsen waste hot water use console - Siam representative Niseko Town length Kenya Katayama

Business contents

Hot spring draining facility equipment installed in the town hot spring facility "Niseko Annupuri Onsen Yutakatei (Delicious Co., Ltd.)". Reduce the energy (kerosene) on the hot-water facility's hot water by using a heat exchanger installed in a waste-water tank for hot-spring hot water from an outdoor bath Reduce the use of fossil fuels (complete set of waste water tank, resin Three fence heat exchangers installed).
  • The heat exchanger uses the equipment developed jointly by Tadashi Industrial Test Site and Hidena company. Contributing to expansion of environmental environmental industry in Hokkaido

Scheduled project cost (plan based)

Total project cost 7,679 thousand yen Grant amount 3,400 thousand yen

Background of business introduction

Honcho was selected by the national government as an "Eco-Model City" in March 2014 (23 municipalities / 3 in Hokkaido).
Honcho's CO2 emissions (estimated value) is 59,000 tons (FY 2011), and an action plan is being implemented with the goal of reducing CO2 by 86% compared to 1990 (46,000 tons) by FY 2050.
Until now, we have mainly made public use of LEDs, utilization of geothermal heat pumps, energy saving efforts, etc. However, Honmachi is characterized by its CO2 emissions from the tourism sector as a feature. For this reason, in FY2005 we implemented the Green Plan Partnership Project of the Ministry of the Environment and conducted the energy saving potential survey of 11 tourist facilities in the neighborhood.
As a result, Yudensetti will conduct heat exchange utilizing the hot water, and this year we received a selection of one village of energy. This initiative is a small scale, only one facility, but as Honcho, it is regarded as an energy saving of tourism facilities and renewable energy utilization as a leader, utilizing CO2 reduction efforts laterally in town tourism facilities, environmentally friendly sightseeing It is an idea that I would like to make a land plan.
For details, please see the following business plan and equipment introduction summary.

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