Designated emergency evacuation site, designated shelter


Designated Emergency Evacuation Area (temporary evacuation)

When a disaster either occurs or there is a possibility of one occurring, the proper evacuation sites for that specific disaster type will be designated by the mayor.
Facility NameLocationTEL:Types of abnormal phenomena to be targetedAED Facilities
洪水Inland water地震Sediment disasterVolcano disasterLarge fire
Nishitomi district townspeople center parking lotNiseko town Nishitomi 171-70136-58-2251    
Niseko Elementary School GroundNiseko Town character Fujimi 100136-44-2252 
Kondo Elementary School GroundNiseko town Kondo 2660136-44-2852 
Former Miyata Elementary School Grounds157 Miyata, Niseko Town0136-44-2121 
Niseko Town Athletics StadiumNiseko Town character 138-1 Fujimi0136-44-2034 
Town Playground Stadium (Niseko Junior High School Ground)136 Niseko Town Fujimi0136-44-2034 
Rural park (Chibikko square)Niseko town Fujimi 123 - 100136-44-2121 
Sports parkNiseko Town Fujimi 168-40136-44-2034 
Niseko View Plaza Road StationNiseko town, Motomachi 77-100136-43-2051
Niseko Moiwa Ski Resort Parking lotNiseko town Niseko 448​ ​0136-59-2511      
Niseko Annupuri International Ski Resort Parking lotNiseko town Niseko 482 -100136-58-2080      
Niseko Village Ski Resort Parking lotNiseko town Higashiyama 20136-44-2211      

Designated Evacuation Shelter (emergency accomodation)

To provide shelter for those affected by a disaster, the following evacuation sites will provide temporary accommodation.
Facility NameLocationTEL:AED Facilities
Niseko Town Hallニセコ町字富士見55番地0136-44-2121
Niseko Residents Center (Chomin Center)Niseko Town Fujimi 950136-44-2221 
Niseko Hot Spring Kira no YuNiseko town Chuo 330136-44-1100
Kondo Regional Community CenterNiseko town Kondo 258-350136-44-2121 
Motomachi Community CenterNiseko town Honmachi 240​ ​0136-44-2094 
Satomi area community centerNiseko town Satomi 67-40136-44-2121 
Niseko Community CenterNiseko town Niseko 138-80136-44-2121 
Fukui Community CenterNiseko town Fukui 379 - 20136-44-2121 
Nishitomi district townspeople centerNiseko town Nishitomi 171-70136-58-2251 
Soga Activity Center (Seikatsuka Center)Niseko town Soga 127-10136-44-2121 
Niseko Elementary School12 Niseko Town Fujimi0136-44-2252
Kondo Elementary SchoolNiseko town Kondo 2660136-44-2852
Niseko Junior High SchoolNiseko Town Fujimi 1430136-44-2321
Niseko High School141 Niseko Town Fujimi 90136-44-2224
Niseko Town GymnasiumNiseko Town Fujimi 950136-44-2034
Day service center (welfare)Niseko town Arishima 87- 40136-44-1950 
ニセコ幼児センター (福祉)17 Niseko Town character Fujimi0136-44-2700 
北海道インターナショナルスクール ニセコ校 (福祉)12 Niseko Town Fujimi0136-55-5252

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