Sediment-related disasters (designated status of caution areas etc.)

There are 27 landslide hazard areas in the town. These hazardous areas are being investigated in detail and designated as disaster zones. Currently, 19 areas have been designated as Landslide Disaster Prevention Zones and 9 areas as Special Landslide Disaster Prevention Zones. Landslide hazard warning areas and special landslide hazard warning areas are areas where there is a risk of a landslide disaster, as designated under the Landslide Disaster Prevention Act.
Be aware of landslide warning zones, special warning zones, and danger zones in your area, and be prepared and take action to protect yourself.

Landslide Disaster Prevention Act, Landslide Disaster Prevention Areas, Special Landslide Prevention Areas

Please see a summary and map of the town's designated zones below.

Evacuation actions to be taken by town residents

Advance warning of landslide disasters

If you detect any of the following phenomena, a landslide may occur immediately afterwards. Immediately evacuate to a safe place with people around you, and then call the town office or fire department.

Debris flow

  • The mountain and/or earth are rumbling
  • River levels drop despite continuous rainfall


  • The river becomes muddy and driftwood begins to mix in.
  • Pebbles are sporadically falling from the slope
  • Cracks in the ground
  • Water is coming out of the slope

Inspecting steep slopes (cliffs) on your own land

On February 5, 2020, a landslide occurred in Zushi City, Kanagawa Prefecture, when a private slope adjacent to a road collapsed despite no rainfall, killing a pedestrian on the sidewalk who was caught in the sand and soil.
Slopes are at risk of collapsing suddenly even if there is no rainfall due to weathering. In light of the above accident, the government has provided landowners with points to consider when conducting self-inspections of slopes.
If any of the following phenomena are observed, the slope may be unstable due to weathering and requires attention. (Special attention should be paid to areas with poor vegetation, which is more prone to weathering.)

 1 斜面に亀裂がある
2 There are loose stones (stones that are easily broken and piled up in an unstable state)
3 There is rockfall

If you see any of the above phenomena during the inspection, please contact us as a precaution.

After announcement of evacuation information

Niseko Town evacuation information will be announced through public relations vehicles, disaster prevention radio (FM76.2MHz), websites, SNS, etc. Due to technical limitations, it may not be possible to respond to localized extreme weather events (e.g., torrential rains). Evacuation information does not stop voluntary evacuation at one's own discretion. Regardless of whether or not evacuation information has been announced, if you feel you are in danger, please take immediate action to protect your own life.
Alert level行動を促す情報住民がとるべき行動Situation
Alert level 3高齢者等避難危険な場所から高齢者等は避難
Alert level 4避難指示危険な場所から全員避難災害のおそれ高い
Alert level 5緊急安全確保life-threatening danger, ensure safety immediately!災害発生又は切迫
Learn more about alert levels here.

Designated emergency evacuation site, designated shelter

Please see here for designated emergency evacuation areas and designated shelters in the town.

Sediment-related disaster hazard

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Hazard Map Portal Site

You can see the hazard map across the country.

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