On the Behavior of Falling Ballistic Missiles

Ballistic missiles will land in a very short time from launch. If there is a possibility that a ballistic missile will fly to Japan, the country will communicate information through the national instantaneous warning system (J alert).
J When an alert message flows, please take the next action.

○ When you are outdoors
Please evacuate to nearby buildings or underground.
* If possible, a rugged building is desirable, but other buildings are acceptable.

○ When there are no buildings nearby
Please hide yourself behind the scenes or face down on the ground to protect your head.

○ When you are outdoors
Please move away from the window or move to a room without a window.

※ For details please see the Cabinet Secretariat "National Protection Portal Site".
Also, please have a look at the manga to make it easy to imagine specific evacuation behaviors.

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