Niseko Town Disaster Prevention Plan

Purpose of the plan

March 19, 2020

This plan is prepared by the Niseko Town Disaster Prevention Council based on the provisions of Article 42 of the Basic Law on Disaster Countermeasures (Act No. 223 of 1961). We carry out measures and are intended to protect life or property of townsmans.
A part of this plan has been revised by the disaster prevention conference (written conference) on March 6, 2020 so we will announce it.

Plan composition

Niseko Town Disaster Prevention Plan consists of the main part, materials, nuclear disaster prevention plan, nuclear disaster prevention plan data, and nuclear disaster evacuation plan.

Main part


Nuclear Emergency Preparedness Plan

Nuclear Disaster Prevention Plan Data

Nuclear disaster evacuation plan

As a result of opinion offer of Niseko Town local disaster prevention plan (draft)

March 19, 2020

2020 From March 6th (Friday) to 16th (Monday), we conducted a general inspection / opinion of "Niseko Town Regional Disaster Prevention Plan (draft)", but there was no opinion. It will be announced.
In addition, we have posted errata because there were some errors in the materials.

Niseko Town Call for Opinions on Local Disaster Prevention Plan (draft)

March 6, 2020

Niseko Town Disaster Prevention Council is a plan created by the Niseko Town Disaster Prevention Council based on the Basic Law on Disaster Countermeasures and the regulations of the Niseko Town Disaster Prevention Council Ordinance.
Establishing basic matters to promote disaster prevention measures, while coordinating with related organizations, residents, businesses, etc., focusing on disaster prevention measures such as prevention, emergency, recovery and reconstruction that the town should perform, It is intended to be thorough.
Natural disasters and that the country of various systems such as the Basic Disaster Management Plan and the Nuclear Emergency Response Guidelines from substantial strengthening achieve, such as point of view of the nuclear disaster measures have been revised, along with the light of the modification of the Hokkaido regional disaster prevention plan, 2019 of Niseko Town disaster prevention drills and the response results of various disasters in Honmachi, the necessary corrections are made.
As the revised plan of the plan has been finalized, we are recruiting the opinions of the townspeople.
■ Suggestion Period / March 6 (Fri)-16 (Mon)
8:30 am-5:15 pm (except weekends and holidays)
■ Location / Contact / Disaster Prevention Section, General Affairs Division (Kitano / Aota)
* Your opinion will be published on the website, including your answer, on Thursday, March 19 (your name will not be disclosed). We will also respond directly to your feedback.