Niseko Town Disaster Prevention Plan

Purpose of the plan

This plan is to be investigated, examined and prepared by the Niseko Town Disaster Prevention Council based on the provisions of the Disaster Countermeasures Basic Act (Act No. 223 of 1958) and the Nuclear Disaster Countermeasures Special Measures Act (Act No. 156 of 1999). The purpose is to protect the lives and property of the townspeople by implementing disaster countermeasures such as disaster prevention, emergency, and restoration by the town and disaster prevention related organizations.

Plan composition

Niseko Town Disaster Prevention Plan consists of the main part, materials, nuclear disaster prevention plan, nuclear disaster prevention plan data, and nuclear disaster evacuation plan.

本 編【令和6年(2024年)4月1日 更新】

資料編【令和6年(2024年)4月1日 更新】

原子力防災計画編【令和6年(2024年)6月 更新】

原子力防災計画資料編【令和6年(2024年)6月 更新】

原子力災害避難計画【令和6年(2024年)6月 更新】

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