Disaster prevention and distress accident prevention

Disaster Prevention

  • In the event of a sudden disaster such as an earthquake, towns and disaster prevention agencies will do their utmost to carry out disaster prevention activities. However, it is expected that firefighting, rescue and relief activities may not be fully functional due to road disruptions, traffic congestion, and disruption of communication means.
  • Voluntary disaster prevention activities and mutual aid by neighborhood associations, businesses, and other community groups are essential not only for minimizing damage, but also for smooth restoration activities.
  • Let's deepen the interaction among neighbors on a regular basis, and aim to create a community where we can cooperate and help each other in times of emergency.





Distress accident prevention (human error is mostly)

Please note the following when entering mountain areas to gather wild vegetables and mushrooms, for hiking, etc.
The town has established an outline for claiming search expenses as a measure to prevent accidents in distress.
Make plans and take action (Keep the schedule weather conditions in mind)
  • Do not enter mountain areas alone (take multiple people)
  • Prepare a means of communication (Bring a mobile phone)
  • Notify your family of your plans and get their contact details
  • Carry enough equipment
  • Take home all garbage (those who litter are not qualified to enter mountainous areas)

Outline of measures to prevent distress accidents such as harvesting wild plants in Niseko Town

To prevent accidents caused by wild vegetable picking, etc., the town has formulated an outline of countermeasures.
In the event of an accident, we will seek reimbursement of actual expenses incurred for search activities depending on the case.
Purpose of formulationThe aim is to prevent accidents and to improve the etiquette of mountaineering in the Niseko mountain range. The town can claim expenses incurred for search and rescue activities from the requesting party.
Time of enforcementEnforced from September 1, 2010


Article 1 The purpose of this outline is to prevent accidents in Niseko Town caused by wild vegetable picking (hereinafter referred to as "accidents in distress") by stipulating the necessary matters for prevention and response to accidents in distress. The purpose of this outline is to prevent accidents in Niseko Town by stipulating the necessary matters regarding the prevention of accidents in Niseko Town (hereinafter referred to as "accidents in distress") and the response in the event of an accident in distress.


Article 2. "Accident in distress" as defined in this outline shall mean, except in the case of a natural disaster, an incident in which a person who is engaged in mountain vegetable gathering or hiking in the town (hereinafter referred to as a "mountain climber") does not return after the scheduled time because they have lost their way, etc. and their family, etc. requests a search.

Town measures and responsibilities

Article 3 The Town shall cooperate with relevant organizations to conduct activities such as raising awareness, publicity and guidance for the prevention of accidents in distress.
2 The activities described in the preceding paragraph shall be designed to encourage voluntary cooperation and action by mountain climbers to prevent accidents, and to improve the etiquette of mountain climbers.
3 The town will endeavor to educate mountain climbers on the importance of preparing to enter mountain areas and ensure their safety in order to prevent accidents caused by man-made disasters and to prevent unnecessary search requests.

Reimbursement of expenses

Article 4 In the event of a distress accident, the town may ask for a family member etc who requested search and rescue activities for compensation of actual cost of expenses required for this activity.
2 The request for compensation for compensation of expenses under the preceding paragraph shall be decided by the town mayor depending on the occurrence situation of the accident, the cause, and the contents of the search and rescue activities.
3 The actual expenses of paragraph 1 shall be calculated based on expenses actually required for search and rescue activities, such as expendable items expenses required for search and rescue activities and food expenses provided to employees.

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