Disaster prevention and distress accident prevention


  • If an unexpected disaster such as an earthquake occurs, towns and disaster prevention organizations do their utmost to carry out disaster prevention activities, but activities such as fire extinguishment and rescue / rescue activities, etc. are caused by disruption of traffic, congestion, It is also expected that it will not function sufficiently.
  • Voluntary disaster prevention activities and cooperation by community organizations such as neighborhood associations and business establishments not only stop the damage to the minimum, but also are essential for smooth restoration activities.
  • Let's deepen the exchange of neighborhoods from day to day and aim to create a community where we can cooperate and cooperate in case of emergency.

Distress accident prevention (human error is mostly)

Please pay attention to the following when entering with mountain vegetables, mushrooms and mountain walking etc.
In the town, as a countermeasure against distress accident, we have established a summary that can request the search cost.
Make plans and act (Keep in mind and schedule weather conditions)
  • Do not mount alone (do more than one)
  • Provide communication means (with mobile phone)
  • Tell your family about the schedule of action and put in contact
  • Carry enough equipment
  • Absolutely take home the garbage (those who do not want to litter do not have entrance qualification)

Outline of measures to prevent distress accidents such as harvesting wild plants in Niseko Town

In order to prevent distress accidents caused by harvesting of wild vegetables etc, we have formulated the town's measures outline.
When a distress accident occurs, we will ask for the actual expenses paid for the expenses required for the search activity by case judgment.
Purpose of formulationIn addition to preventing distress accidents, we aim to improve mountain mountain mana to Niseko mountain range. We requested the requestor for the expenses required by the town for search and rescue activities.
Time of enforcementEnforced from September 1, 2010


Article 1 This outline aims to prevent accidents by specifying necessary matters for the prevention of accidents caused by harvesting wild plants in Niseko Town(hereinafter referred to as "accident accidents") and measures to be taken in the event of an accident. The purpose is to:


Article 2 A distress accident based on this outline is a case of a person who conducts wild vegetables picking and mountain walking etc. in the town (hereinafter referred to as "entrance") get lost in the town, except in the case of being caused by a natural disaster, Even though time passes, it does not return, and it refers to an event where a family member etc. requests search.

Responsibilities and measures of the town

Article 3 The town shall conduct activities such as enlightenment, publicity, guidance, etc. to prevent distress accidents in collaboration with related organizations.
2 In order to prevent distress accidents, the activities in the preceding paragraph shall be carefully considered so that the mountaineers will cooperate and act voluntarily, and will lead to the mountaineers' entry of mountaineering manners.
3 Toppan strives to raise awareness about thorough preparation of mountains and safety, so as to prevent distress accidents caused by human disasters and not to lead to easy search requests.

Request for reparation of cost

Article 4 In the event of a distress accident, the town may ask for a family member etc who requested search and rescue activities for compensation of actual cost of expenses required for this activity.
2 The request for compensation for compensation of expenses under the preceding paragraph shall be decided by the town mayor depending on the occurrence situation of the accident, the cause, and the contents of the search and rescue activities.
3 The actual expenses of paragraph 1 shall be calculated based on expenses actually required for search and rescue activities, such as expendable items expenses required for search and rescue activities and food expenses provided to employees.

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