10 Earthquake Rules

  • The ineffectiveness of fire and evacuation will be delayed if you injure. Ensure sufficient measures for falling furniture and falling objects!
  • If you feel the tremor quickly the turn of the fire. A habit not to place flammable things near the fire base!
  • Do not open the door by vibration. Open the door and secure a blame mouth!
  • Even if it gets fired, it is OK if it burns to the ceiling. Do not panic!
  • Jumping out is the cause of injury. Cool judgment!
  • There is a fear of falling in narrow alleys, block fences, vending machines. Quickly condemn it!
  • Cooperate with each other in regional ways to create a system of emergency relief!
  • Please grasp the natural environment of the place of residence and pay attention to secondary disasters such as landslides and landslides!
  • Car evacuation is dangerous and obstacles to emergency dispatch. Let's protect the ruler Clear the mind!
  • Using mobile radio etc to grasp the right information, not to be bound by wrong information precise action
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