10 Earthquake Rules

  • If you get injured, you will not be able to turn off the gas or evacuate. Take sufficient measures against falling furniture and objects!
  • If you feel a tremor, turn off the gas right away. Make a habit of not placing flammable items near fire sources!
  • Doors may not open due to vibrations. Open doors to secure an exit route for evacuation!
  • Even if a fire breaks out, it is safe before it spreads to the ceiling. Do not panic and extinguish the fire!
  • Jumping out of buildings can cause injury. Keep a cool head when making decisions!
  • Narrow alleys, block walls, and vending machines can topple over. Get out of the way quickly!
  • Work together within the community to create an emergency relief system!
  • Know the natural environment surrounding your place of residence and be careful of secondary disasters such as landslides!
  • Evacuation by car is dangerous and impedes emergency dispatch. Have the presence of mind to follow the rules!
  • Use portable radios, etc. to obtain correct information, and act appropriately without being misled by incorrect information.

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