Disaster prevention information

Disaster prevention information for floods and landslides is transmitted at five "alert levels"

May 20th 2021
Disaster prevention weather information and evacuation information on flood and landslide disasters have been organized into five levels.
Warning levels 1 to 5 will be issued, and disaster prevention weather information and evacuation information will be announced.
Each alert level is as follows.
Alert levelActions that residents should takeEvacuation information, etc.
Alert level 5Life-threatening danger! Immediately ensure safety.Ensure emergency safety * 1
Alert level 4危険な場所から全員避難する。避難指示
Alert level 3危険な場所から高齢者等は避難する。高齢者等避難開始 ※2
Alert level 2Identify your own evacuation behavior in preparation for evacuation.大雨・洪水注意報
Alert level 1Increase preparedness for disasters.Early attention information
*1 Because municipalities cannot always reliably assess the status of disasters, Alert Level 5 is not always issued.
※2 警戒レベル3は、高齢者等以外の人も必要に応じ普段の行動を見合わせ始めたり、避難の準備をしたり、危険を感じたら自主的に避難するタイミングです。
Alert levels requiring evacuation:Alert level 3 (elderly people etc.)Alert level 4 (everybody)
When alert levels 3 and 4 are announced, please use the Niseko Town Disaster Defense Guide Map
* If you do not have a Niseko Town Disaster Defense Guide Map, please come to the Disaster Prevention Section, General Affairs Division.
※ Please see here for more details on the alert levels.

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