Disaster prevention information

Disaster prevention information of flood, earth and sand disaster will be transmitted at "warning level" of five steps

2019 (2019) June 1
Disaster prevention weather information and evacuation information about flood and earth and sand disaster were arranged in five stages.
In the future, warning levels 1 to 5 will be issued, and disaster prevention weather information and evacuation information will be announced.
Each alert level is as follows.
Alert levelActions that residents should takeEvacuation information, etc.
Warning level 5It is a situation where disasters have already occurred, and we will do our best to protect our lives.Disaster occurrence information ※ 1
※ 1 issued as far as possible
Warning level 4・ Take evacuation action based on eviction and evacuation to designated emergency evacuation places etc.
・ We are in a situation where the risk of occurrence of disaster is extremely high, etc., and evacuate in an emergency.
·Evacuation advisory
・ Evacuation order (emergency) ※ 2
※ We order when we promote 2 evacuation or urgently or repeatedly
Warning level 3Elderly people evict and evacuate. Others will prepare for eviction and evacuation, and will voluntarily evacuate.Evacuation preparation, elderly people start evacuation
Warning level 2Prepare for evacuation and confirm your own evacuation behavior.Flood warning
Heavy rain warning
Warning level 1Improve attitudes towards disasters.Early attention information
Alert levels that require evacuation are:Warning level 3 (elderly people etc.)Alert level 4 (all members)is.
Use the Niseko Town Disaster Prevention Guide Map when alert levels 3 and 4 are issued, and evacuate immediately.
* If you do not have the Niseko Town Disaster Prevention Guide Map, please come to the General Affairs Division Disaster Prevention Section.
※ Please see here for the details of "warning level".

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