Measures against snow damage

Let's prepare for the storm snow every day

· Damage due to storm snow occurred frequently when the weather suddenly changed from clear weather to bad weather. There is a risk that the weather may change suddenly when there is a call to "weatherful blizzard once in several years" from the weather stove "Please refrain from going out", so do not go out even if it is sunny.

More than 90% of fatal accidents related to snow are caused by accidents related to snow removal.

· Let's snow removal work, especially snow roof of the roof, with two or more people speaking voice. Do not forget your helmet and lifeline.

· On sunny days, falling snow and ice falling from the roof are more likely to occur. Let's pay attention to the eaves.

· When the snow remover gets stuck in the snow, be sure to cut off the engine and remove it with a stick or the like.

Also, please have a look at the manga so that concrete correspondence to snow damage is easier to imagine.

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