Promotion of Niseko Town Travel

Niseko Town has a tertiary industry workforce of 68.5% of the total workforce, with the majority involved in the tourism industry. Until now, Niseko Town has been working to promote tourism, which is a key industry, and has been focusing on tourism measures such as the conversion of tourism associations and tourism PR to cultivate new tourism demand. On the other hand, local resources that can be used as tourism resources are still sleeping.
Based on the current situation, in FY2012, we wanted to utilize the subsidy for independence revitalization promotion grant project of the depopulated region of the country, to find out the local resources of the town and to lead to the revitalization of the industry, We launched a model project with the theme "Flying up".
Traveling is an effort to learn about cultures and local industries nurtured in the community and to live a vibrant life in every generation by "the power of the journey", but for the town, It is a great opportunity for many people to come to the town by effective utilization of unused resources and we think that it is an effort useful for regional promotion.
In this project, as part of regional promotion measures and environmental contribution measures, while considering the setting of an environmentally-friendly traveling model and the possibility of business, we created a regional industry collaborative society that organically links environmental measures with regional industries We will conduct a model project to implement the model project, smoothly conduct surveys to maintain a sustainable industrial base over the future, establish new business models and make future tourism clusters (linking small tourism projects to big efforts Measures to be taken).

Niseko Town outreach area survey commissioned business report

Based on the progress of consultation at the committee, we finally compiled it as a report.
Since the data volume is large, it is divided.

Niseko Town Travel Promotion Committee

While studying the possibility and setting of a travel education model to learn and experience the environment through travel, to create a local industry-linked society that organically links Honmachi's environmental measures and local industries, we will promote "Niseko Town Committee has been established.
In this committee, we discussed the development of the environment-type Niseko traveling development model program, etc. in advanced field investigation and four discussions and summarized it as a report (draft).

The 4th meeting

Date and time March 11, 2013 (Monday) 13: 30 ~ 15: 00
Location Niseko Town residents Center conference room
About deliberation on final consultation final report (draft)

The 3 rd meeting

Date and time Monday, February 18, 2013 (Monday) 13: 30 ~ 15: 30
Place Niseko Town Hall 2nd Conference Room
Discussion (1) Demonstration experiment of the program that goes on About the monitor tour report
  • Result of implementation of tour to learn environment (zero emission life)
  • Result of implementation of a journey tour utilizing electric vehicles
(2) About the report of the survey on advanced tour inspection
(3) Preliminary report of questionnaire survey for businesses
(4) Items to consider about the report (draft)
  • About road map for commercialization of Niseko type small business
  • Employment prediction accompanying commercialization, possibility of employment creation
  • About tourism cluster concept vision

The 2nd meeting

Date and time December 3, 2012 (Monday) 13: 30 ~ 15: 30
Place Niseko Town Hall 2nd Conference Room
Consultation (1) About the overall schedule of the project
(2) How to implement a traveling program (traveling tour utilizing electric cars) to experience the future Niseko
(3) How to implement the Zero Emission Life Travel Travel Program (Environmental Tour)
(4) About implementing a questionnaire survey for business operators
(5) Schedule of visits to advanced areas

The 1st meeting

Date and time Heisei 14 September 2012 (Fri) 13: 00 ~ 15: 00
Place Niseko Town Hall 2nd Conference Room
About the mutual preference of the content chairperson and vice chairperson
Mr. Hideo Nakajima chairman, Mr. Risa Osaku vice chairman
Consultation (1) Confirmation of survey policy and overall schedule
(2) Thinking on small business and forming method
(3) About the content and implementation outline of environment-type Niseko travel program
1. Food chain expert traveling program
2. Zero Emission Life Travel Program
3. Traveling program to experience the future Niseko
(4) Questionnaire and contents of hearing and implementation method
(5) About the visit to advanced country
(6) About future directions
The material on the day is as follows.

Concluded a contract for outsourcing such as Niseko Town

In conducting this work, as a result of selection by the appointed proposal method, the following companies were decided.
  • Contract partner JTB Hokkaido Representative Director and President Kazukichi Furuta
  • Business Period From August 24, Heisei 24 to March 15, 2013
  • Business content
1 Demonstration experiment project on the development of environment-friendly Niseko travel travel model program and implementation of traveling experience tour
(1) Conducting tours to learn about food (agriculture) from natural energy and natural environment
(2) Learning about environment (zero emissions life) Tour
(3) Tour using electric vehicle
2 Review of Niseko type small business commercialization model and creation of road map
3 Investigation of possibility of new employment by traveling business
4 Review of tourism clusters

"Niseko Town Outreach Consignment Business" Nomination Proposal

the purpose

In designating the contractor, this designated proposal is not competition only for price, but to determine eligibility as a trustee · skill in business execution, such as business performance and experience, technical ability, planning ability etc. We evaluate the contents of the project proposal etc submitted by the business participant participating in the proposal (hereinafter referred to as "proposal participant"), comprehensively judge by referring to the result, and make the most suitable proposal participation We will identify the person as a contract candidate.
However, if you do not participate, or if there are no qualified persons among the proposal participants, you may not identify contract candidates.

Instructions and designated styles

This project is a nominated proposal case that nominates participants.

(1) Proposal manual

It is a description that describes the schedule until the contract candidate of this case is identified, the procedure of the proposal, etc.
  • Publication material released on July 19, 2012

(2)Niseko Town Tabi Area Survey, etc.

It is a specification document that describes contract contents, contract conditions etc of this case.
  • Publication material released on July 19, 2012

(3) Participation intention confirmation form (designated form)

It is a form for reporting whether a person nominated in "Participant Nomination Notice" participates in this proposal or not.
  • Publication material released on July 19, 2012

(4) Questionnaire (designated form)

It is a form to describe and submit when participants have questions in this case.
  • Publication material released on July 19, 2012

(5) proposal planning proposal (designated form)

It is a designation style when participants make suggestions.
  • Publication material released on July 19, 2012

(6) Business history (designated form)

It is a designation style to describe past business career.
  • Publication material released on July 19, 2012

(7) Planner (person responsible for management) (designated style)

Placement planner record This is a designation style that describes the past business career.
  • Publication material released on July 19, 2012

(8) Planner (person in charge) (designated form)

Prospectus Record This is a designation style that describes the past business career.
  • Publication material released on July 19, 2012

(9) Pledge (person in charge) (designated form)

It is a designated style to swear compliance etc.
  • Publication material released on July 19, 2012

(10) Evaluation criteria Review method

The evaluation criteria and the examination method in the presentation.
  • Publication material released on July 19, 2012

(11) Rating standards

It is a scoring standard in the presentation.
  • Publication material released on July 19, 2012

(12) Regional Investigation Work Schedule (draft)

It is a schedule (draft) of the whole commissioned work.
  • Publication material released on July 19, 2012

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