Support system for industry promotion

Niseko Town has established the “ Niseko Town Industry Promotion Fund” to promote the town industry and provides the following support.
In order to determine the effective operation of this fund, the Niseko Town Industry Promotion Committee has been established as an advisory body to the mayor, and the committee will discuss the following support.

Fund lending (fund lending)

In the following cases, funds can be borrowed from the fund.
  • Niseko Town, when individuals, organizations or companies need funds to conduct industrial promotion business
Note: In this case, the borrower must have sufficient capacity to redeem the loan funds and have the ability to complete the project which is the object of the loan
  • When the Mayor admits it as necessary and loans it
The main conditions of fund loan are as follows.
Loan interest rateYear within 2.5% (Note 1)
Redemption periodWithin 7 years (including deferred period within 2 years) (Note 2)
Redemption methodEqual principal half-year amortization
Redemption dateSeptember 30 and March 31
Redemption date start dateWhen the loan date falls between April 1 and September 30, if the loan date of September 30 is between October 1 and March 31, March 31
Ceiling limit of loanLoan limit Up to 10,000 thousand yen per business
Note 1: Recent loan performance applies the loan interest rate of low-interest fiscal loan funds (funds borrowed from the town by the town) as a measure to reduce the burden on the business operator in order to actively invest the fund and revitalize the area It is.
[Reference: Fiscal Loan Fund Rate at 0.1% as of March, 2015]
Note 2: If the town mayor deems it particularly necessary from business contents etc., it is possible to extend the terms of the loan including the redemption period and redemption method

Recent loan performance

Funds for opening stores of processed goods etc. of agricultural business operators1,500 thousand yen
Fund for establishing a joint-operation company operated by six dairy farm operators9,000 thousand yen
(1,500 thousand yen x 6 business people)
Funds for opening bread and cake stores in public hot spring facilities6,000 thousand yen
Shipment operation by 12 agricultural enterprises Unification of facility maintenance expenses and management funds to establish a new employment and production system10,000 thousand yen
Branding by cooperation between agriculture and sightsee · Operational funds for business such as 6th industrialization4,990 thousand yen

Funding support (expenditure of funds)

In the following cases, subsidies can be issued as a part of funds from the fund.
  • Niseko Town, when an individual, organization or company conducts business promotion business
Note: In this case, promotion business such as agriculture, commerce, industry or sightseeing in Niseko Town must be important for promotion of Honcho-industry and must be highly necessary. In addition, grant of subsidy as part of the business fund based on application from company
The main conditions of fund assistance are as follows.
Supplemental limit1 item 1 million yen
Subsidy rateWithin 1/2 of the subsidized project cost
OtherAttachment of business plan is required at the time of assistance application In some cases, necessary conditions may be attached to achieve the objective of grant of subsidies
For details, please contact the person in charge.

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