Proposal to the country (institution proposal etc.)

Regulatory reform proposal on the provision of fruit liquor

Niseko Town has made the following proposals on nationwide regulatory reform.
As a result, reform has been realized.

Proposal to 1 country

As a "request for national scale regulatory reform", we proposed the following.
  • Proposed items (Required items) Relaxation of regulations concerning the production and provision of fruit liquor
  • Proposed location (submitted) Cabinet Secretariat Structural Reform Special Zone Promotion Office
  • Submission date June 18, 2007
The Hokkaido Agency also made similar proposals. (June 28, 2007)

Primary response from two countries

In response to the proposal above, the primary response was announced from the country.
First answer content Please see from the following page
(Please link to the Homepage of the Cabinet Office: Please see the Ministry of Finance Response of Document 1)
  • Answer Date July 30, 2007
  • Submission of primary response (Niseko Town → Cabinet Office)
  • Opinion submission date July 31, 2007

Secondary reply from three countries

Following the above, responses were announced again from the country.
Secondary Response Contents Please see from the following page (Link to the Cabinet Office Homepage: Please see the Ministry of Finance Response of Document 1)
  • Answer Date August 15, 2007

4 Tax reform amendment

Regulatory reform contents were posted on the report of the Regulatory Reform Conference (Cabinet Office).
In addition, the details of the measures were included in the 2008 Tax Reform Outline (Treasury Department).
  • Report content Second report for promotion of regulatory reform (Link to Cabinet Office Home Page: Second Report Body P128)
  • Reports Date December 25, 2007

5 Revision of liquor tax law

The Liquor tax Law was amended as a "law that revises part of income tax law etc."
  • Revision date April 30, 2008 Passing the House of Representatives (effective from April 1, 2008)
  • Amendment Contents Article 87-8 "Special Provisions for Exclusion from Provision of Provisional Production"
Those that allow the provision of fruit liquor at his own business place under certain conditions.

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